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Water therapy for weight loss – what it means?

Posted Apr 22 2013 3:56am

The water therapy for weight loss, which has become ever so popular, is based on the ancient Ayurveda’s “Usha Kaal Chikitsa” therapy, which basically means “drinking water early in the morning” as well as an ancient Japanese water diet. The theory is that dehydration leads to fat collection and storing in the human body, and that often thirst is mistaken for hunger, so instead of drinking water, the person eats. According to this Eastern theory, water is the resource for pure and clean energy, and food is rather the provider of dirty energy, which means that only 1/5th of the dirty energy is actually used as fuel for the body, the rest becomes fat. After all, 75% of the body is made up of water, and 83% of the blood in our body is made of water which we constantly lose through urine and sweat and other body processes, and thus needs to be restored so that the cells and body are not dehydrated.

The idea of the water therapy for weight loss

The water therapy for weight loss supporters explain that the body has an easy way to release any extra water energy taken in through urine, whilst a much more complicated process is necessary for the fats from the food energy to be burned into carbon dioxide released by the breath. The water therapy is based on the idea that water is the most important solvent for all other foods and supplements consumed by humans and thus is crucial for metabolism, and claims to be able not only to aid weight loss but also to reverse the aging process. Like an internal body shower, water provides the perfect way to flush out the organism from any toxins and is a natural detoxifier. Also, it will restore the perfect ph balance in the human body. This is especially beneficial for one of the most important organs in the human body – the liver.

  • Drink the water slowly, so that it enters the organism slowly;
  • Drink water as soon as you wake up even before brushing your teeth in order to flush out your body and cells from any toxins and cholesterol, and also to help stimulate bowel movements;
  •  The water consumed must be at room temperature;
  • Water intake should be done half an hour before meals, so that the digestive system prepares for the upcoming task of digesting;
  • Drink water about two and half hours after eating, to help finish the digestion processes in the body;
  • Drink water before training or exercising, in order to be able to produce more sweat and allow the body to detox through the pores;
  • Don’t attempt to replace food intake with drinking water though, food is essential for supplying the human organism with all necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

The water you should consume for your water therapy for weight loss and other health benefits, must be boiled and filtered or reverse osmosis water at room temperature. As soon as you get up from bed, you should rinse your mouth with some water, and then proceed to drinking four to six large cups of water, slowly.  Breakfast should be eaten after about 45 minutes of the water consumption. Remember, that coffee, tea or other beverages you consume don’t count as the pure water necessary for this type of detox and weight loss therapy. After you drink the water in the morning, you will begin urinating frequently, which basically means that your body is flushing out any toxins and salts, which otherwise cause bloating.  The consumption of water improves the kidney function, which ensures that the fat, cholesterol and waste is flushed out of the body, instead of being stored in it and burdening it. Drinking a couple of cups of water half an hour before meals will naturally suppress the appetite and hunger.

The good news for those interested in this easy and cheap water therapy for weight loss program, is that you can combine it with any other kind of sensible diet, and weight loss will still occur, because the water ingested will boost the weight loss by providing solution necessary for the enzymes to process the fat. In case you feel fatigue when starting the water therapy for weight loss program, then you could energize your body by eating more wheat germ, flax seeds, raw almonds and other foods rich in Vitamin E.

According to supporters and fans of the idea of water therapy, it helps not only to cleanse the body, but the mind as well. Apart from being very beneficial for weight loss, water therapy is said to also help with various illnesses and health conditions, such as headaches, rheumatism, diabetes, hemorrhoids, anemia, heart diseases, asthma, kidney stones, liver problems and even cancers of all kinds as well. The Japanese healing water therapy also recommends that it should continue for 10 to 180 days, depending on the type of disease and its severity too. Along with a healthy food diet, and the water therapy for weight loss, your body will benefit from walking, endurance exercises, or why not water exercising. You can try water walking or water jogging, which is known to burn about 50% more calories than the land walking or jogging. The various types of water fitness will help you burn the fat, lose weight, energize and strengthen your body.  Also, according to the ancient Japanese belief, frequent showering, swimming and bathing help remove stress, relaxes the muscles and nerves and helps get rid of negative energy. After starting the water therapy for weight loss together with a healthy food diet, and exercise, you will see incredible results, and will feel healthier, fitter and fresher than ever. Water helps regulate body temperature as well, and is essential for the joint, skeleton and nervous system. The “elixir of life”, water is absolutely essential for human life, health and wellbeing. No wonder it has been use therapeutically for ages by ancient Indians, Japanese and Chinese, and is still used today for health reasons, as well as for the popular water therapy for weight loss.

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