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Water bottles

Posted Feb 16 2011 5:02pm

Hey friends,

Michelle and I wanted to give you an update on what water bottles we decided to purchase. It was a tough decision as all the companies we looked at seemed decedent. Michelle is retiring her filtered water bottle – she was not a fan!

We went with… CONTIGO (mainly because it was on sale, and we purchased with our own money).  We got the 32 oz Auto Seal water bottle .

Though I think I might go and get some Lifefactory bottle too because I really like drinking from glass.


Michelle my lovely water bottle model ;)

We have been taking our new Contigo water bottles with us to yoga these past 2 days. And have been liking them although the opening for the water is a little tricky!

In addition to our new water bottles Michelle purchased us some new filters for our showers and attachment for our kitchen sink to get filtered water. Thanks to Megan’s recommendation . We had filters on our showerheads a few years ago and loved it but since moving we forgot about them. We are big believers on high quality water (have not found a local spring water source here yet, hopefully soon).

Twins Question: Do you care where your water source comes from? Do you have filters for showers or water source? Do you notice a difference in your skin, etc when you drink or bath in certain water over another?

Till next time,


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