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Watch out for blood pressure: Keep It In Check

Posted Oct 08 2012 5:09am
Blood pressure is a common disease these days as we live a stressed life, and due to lack of exercise, high consumption of alcohol, smoking, obesity.

Blood pressure must be checked regularly and must be kept in control at all times.

Blood pressure in simple language is a unit to measure the force of blood flow in to our arteries and the normal blood pressure in a healthy person should be around 120/80 and these reflect the readings in millimeters of mercury on the BP device.

There are two aspects to measure blood pressure. One is when the heart contracts and the second is when the heart relaxes. It is important to measure both.Watch out for blood pressure Keep It In Check

The first number before the “/” is termed as the systolic pressure- 120 is the normal value for this. The systolic pressure is measured while our heart contracts and pushes blood through the arteries and the second number – 80 – is the diastolic pressure which is measured when the heart relaxes between the beats to refill the blood.

Slight variation in these figures is quite normal, but very high blood pressure poses health risks such as heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, artery disease, eye damage, kidney failure.

The blood pressure normally varies throughout the day and it is necessary to monitor your blood pressure regularly.

Age and family medical history also play an important role in maintaining the right blood pressure.

High blood pressure and diabetes is a deadly combination and can be dangerous to your health .

Hence it is imperative that you keep your blood pressure levels normal at all times.

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