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Was I in Miami... or New Jersey?

Posted May 30 2010 12:00am
What a Day!

Ahhhh, "beautiful" Atlantic City. lol :/

Last night was a lot of fun. 

We left for the shore around 4:30, NO traffic, luckily! We both got in a great workout yesterday, and came home to clean up, shower and pack. I like to shower here, and get ready for the most part so all I need to do is a little for the hair and throw on my outfit and go once we are down. However, I have such packing issues, even for just one night (imagine if I were showering there) this isn't even all of it:

Before we went out, Michael was "playing" with my favorite  Armani Exchange sunglasses, and broke the frame in half. Usually I opt for any pair I think is cute on the stands, I kind of have a  sunglass collecting problem. However, I realized that my problem was because I hadn't found the perfect pair...and I believed that these pretty white AX glassed were "that pair." I purchased them at my favorite secret designer discount shopping place for a HUGE bargain;  have had them for 2 years,and now, they are in sun glass heaven. A pic of them since the accident was too painful; so use your imagination :'(

 We had dinner at our usual spot, The Oaks. This was the first time since I ate there when Michael and I started dating that I was meat-free. Ordered a salad, salmon and a plain sweet potato that I asked with a side of cinnamon.

 The salmon was barely edible. My sweet potato with cinnamon (that M almost tried to talk me out of getting) was my only salvage for a decent meal. Michael was not crazy about his meal either, he actually left the whole thing.

What we WERE crazy about was Roy Halladay throwing a perfect game! The 20th in the history of baseball! Amazing! Historic! Love this shot of Roy, Chooch and Ryan:

The rest of the night was fun, my sissy in law stayed with us and her roommate...then met up with 4 of our friends after the Flyers/ Philles games. I almost didn't get into the B Bar at the Borgota because in my license pic, my head is turned to the side a little (idk WHY they let me do that? It's my "natural pose" but prob not the best for my license). I had to go with the bouncer (who is 8 years younger than I am) to get it scanned. I took it as a compliment, heck, when I was 19 trying to get in places with a fake id I would of ran out of been scared to death, or mad I couldn't get in; as opposed to making jokes about botox with the 21 year old door man, and asking him where I can get my id scanned to prove it was not a 'fake'. Oye Vey.

Michael stayed out LATE to play poker, I had zero desire to gamble, so the gals and I took a cabby back to the Hilton (where my mother in law gets us comped rooms).

Michael was tossing and turning early this morning, along with a little snoring so I was up by 9, washed up, ate Cinnamon Roll Lara ("laredo") Bar:

                                                ^not my actual pic, but this is what I had....yummy!

Then I read a little in the lovely hotel bathroom, gathered my stuff, packed and then headed down to the boardwalk to get some sunglasses before I got on the beach:

this shop on the boardwalk had sunglasses two for $ I got these and some cute my healing process begun. I made sure I scoped out the right kind of Sun Block to wear, and although my chest is looking a little pink, I actually got pretty darn bronze today! I am re-reading The China Study, becasue it's one of those books you need to read a few times because there is SOOOOO much great info in there...and also because I am anxiously waiting on the release of Forks over Knives in my area, or at least the DVD pre-order! Don't mind my face...the cheapy sunglasses were not working as hard against the sun as I had liked. At least they look cute....ugh. What do you expect for $6.99 and desperation?

I was waiting for the girls to come down, so I munchied on an organic Fuji Apple as I enjoyed the view (before the beach got uber crowded):

 Weather was PERFECT.

We noticed an abundance of very beautiful people on the beach today. It was out of character for the Atlantic City Hilton. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are many lovely, beautiful people around...but I am talking about 20 something girls in shiny bikini's with fully teased, curled, done up hair extensions, and full makeup, lashes, beauty pageant bods, the whole nine yards. We even saw a few Snooki poofs (which if you saw "The Jersey Shore" you should know that Snooki & co. got their tan from the bed and never stepped foot on a beach). So, despite Jersey Shore stereotypes, it is not typical to see full hair and makeup get-up on the beach.

 I was I in Miami, or AC????? Usually we are the youngest people in the entire, I officially felt old. However, after last nights incident at the Borgota kind of trumped my self-pity party.

Apparently there was a bikini contest the night before that was nation-wide, and they flew in girls from all over the US to participate and do a photo shoot for some 52 pickup thing who's proceeds went to Susan G. Komen, so that was nice....all the bikini babes were not just for ogling.

Around 3:30 Michael was ready to head home...and my fried brain from sitting in the sun totally left my beach chair on the boardwalk after I rinsed my toes....grrrrr! Didn't realize until I was home, and it was too late. 

It is extremely RARE that I get to lye out on the beach; I will be surprised if my feet touch the sand more than 5 times this entire summer. Usually, we head down in the afternoon, and get up and go on the AM. Michael is NOT a beach person...and there's not much else to do in AC except gamble, shop or lye on the beach. He only enjoys 1 out of those 3 things, and he likes to limit the amount of time he spends doing that.

We headed home. This was the FIRST time EVER that I left Munchkin over night with no kitty-sitter. I was trying no to think about it, and somehow I just felt like he was OK. We couldn't wait to get home to him...but we had to stop and get dinner at Whole Foods before we did anything. A night of grilling veggies (and meat for the mister), relaxing, and maybe a movie on demand sounded PERFECT.

He was SOOOOOO excited to see us, as we were poor lil guy :( he still had food in his bowl, and looks like he and his guys had a nice lil party while Mommy & Daddy were gone!


Romaine, raw organic red pepper, and my hemp oil balsamic dressing ....

 My veggie skewers- Zucchini, Red Peppers, Green Pepper, Onion, Pineapple, and like 3 shrimp; and some sliced up Eggplant and more Zucchini:

It was YUM!

Michael "the Omnivore" was very proud of his grass-fed fillet and the shrimp that he butterflied himself...I was not even slightly tempted by the meat...but he enjoyed it. Especially since he was so disappointed in his dinner last night. He was like "Are you going to take a picture of mine too?" Haha, he wanted to send it to his brother to show him how good it looked, I guess. Boys.

Think we are going to rent "The Road." Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far! Let me know what's good with you all!!

I love how we're taking it easy tonight...we can both hit the gym bright and early and enjoy our Monday off! The pool opened in our complex this weekend also, so maybe an afternoon swim!!!

 Off to clean, shower and veg out.

I hate cleaning up after my pineapple.....


ps--sorry for typos, etc and so on...don't feel like no time to error check tonight :/

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