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Warriors and Goddesses Boot Camp

Posted Feb 22 2010 10:08pm

The WARRIORS AND GODDESSES BOOTCAMP returns to Central Park for an 8th straight year. Every group class is run by Ray Salomone, one of the most in-demand personal trainers in the world.

Ray is a former US Army Special Operations soldier and two-time winner of the military’s highest physical fitness award. For the past twenty years he’s been the private athletic trainer to Olympic athletes, weekend warriors and many of Manhattan’s most prominent residents.

The Warriors and Goddesses Boot Camp is an exact replication of the program Ray used as a soldier when he trained many of the most elite Warriors (and Goddesses) in the world.

 Rain or shine, you’ll be outdoors, away from the boredom and confines of a gym. You’ll do more push ups, squat thrusts, leg lifts, mountain climbers, lateral and vertical jumps, flying Roman skips and wind sprints than you ever thought possible. You will sweat, maybe cry and perhaps puke your heart and soul out.

 Here’s what TIME magazine correspondent John Cloud had to say after one of Ray Salomone’s workouts.

 Ray Salomone’s workout was by far the most intense workout of my life. At some point I stopped being able to think clearly, but I know we did lots of pushups in the dirt. By the end, I looked like a high-school football player who needed to puke. But some of the skills I learned in that one workout–boxing moves, doing most sets to voluntary exhaustion, focusing on total-body exercises rather than trying to isolate particular muscles–remain part of my workouts even now. Thanks Ray! You scare me, but in a good way.

 Here are testimonials from others who have endured the Warriors and Goddesses Bootcamp.


I look forward to the challenge and I am so proud of myself after I finish the class.

Jacqueline, 32, NYC


Crazy! I can’t believe I can actually do this

Maryann 41, NYC


I’m a former Marine and this was tougher than the Marine’s Boot Camp

Andre 28, Bronx


It’s a love hate thing. I love the workout when it’s over but I hate it when I’m doing it.

Carla, 22, NYC


First time, I puked. Second time I was barely able to hang on. Third time, I rocked!!

Vanessa 28, NYC.


This is exercise!! Now I dread the boredom of the gym and look forward to the boot camp.

David 52, NYC.


Hardcore. I’ve had trainers and done classes for many years, but never anything like this.

Samantha 46, NYC

This isn’t yoga and this isn’t pilates. It IS the hardest workout you’ll ever do. You won’t find your “center” at the Warriors and Goddesses Boot Camp, but you will get faster, stronger and more agile than you have ever been before.

 Join the mailing list to be altered as soon as the spring schedule is set. Classes will begin in early April and will be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings on the east side of Central Park near the 76th Street entrance.

 Priority wristbands will be available again this year. Please inquire.

 Send an email to to sign up for the mailing list. Class size is limited and the cost is $20 per one-hour boot camp.

Ray Salomone is also available for private and corporate boot camps anywhere in the world. Previous locations include Germany, Italy, Greece, London, Arizona, California, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Chicago. Please inquire with an email or call to 212-946-2090

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