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Warning: Busy Hump Day Ahead :)

Posted Jun 09 2010 5:33am

To kick start my busy day, I fed myself a berry nice breakfast! (Oh goodness, I’m so cheesy).  First I started off with a big ‘ol handful of organic mixed frozen berries, which I defrosted in the micro.  Then I topped ‘em off with 1/4 c cottage cheese (2% because the texture of the fat free bothers my taste buds).  Quick and easy!

Quick and easy summertime breakfast!

I’m not sure why my old “usual” of eggs hasn’t been sounding appealing to me, but maybe I just feel like something cool and fresh for the summer months? Do your eating habits change with the season?

Another thought I’ve had is that I might try Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred.  I keep hearing so much about how it “kicks people’s butt”.  I love eating healthy, but I could use a little butt kicking when it comes to exercise.  Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?


Snack Attack! I was so excited to try a new locally made bar that I picked up at Whole Foods in Greenville yesterday.  It’s called a Boone Bar (Can you guess where it’s made ;) ) and it looked delish!

It was love at first bite… probably because my first bite happened to be a chunk of dark chocolate… MmmM!  As I munched on the scrumptious chewiness I check out the label…

I was very impressed with all the whole foods (mostly organic) ingredients listed, but took note of the high calorie content (421 calories for the bar).  They did list it as a meal replacement bar, but it certainly would hold me over for an entire meal, so I ate half and stuck the other half in my bag for a snack later today.

If you are interested in trying them, I found them on Cheap Joes (not to be confused with Trader Joes) website


I finished off the rest of the bar at my doctor’s appointment.  Does anyone else hate getting blood drawn as much as I do? Needles freak me out, and I always feel like such a little kid when I have to look away and squinch up my face as the nurse draws my blood.  Anyways, the bar served as my distraction and I studied the dark chocolate chunks as the nurse took FIVE VILES of my blood. Ick.  Then I devoured the bar :)

Doctors always take longer than expected, so I had to grab lunch on the road since I couldn’t make it back home before my afternoon clients.  Starbucks at Barnes & Nobles offers free wi-fi (wahoo!), so I ad lunch there.  I ordered 1/2 Roasted Tomato Caprese sandwich 1/2 Tomato Florentine soup. What a wussy looking sandwich, right?

But it was actually very flavorful!  The soup didn’t disappoint either… it was full of kidney beans, carrots, pasta, garbanzo beans, green beans, etc…

Although lunch was delicious, I’m not sure how full I’ll stay.  Only time will tell!  I think I’ll be able to fit in a quick trip to TJ’s later today… what is your favorite TJ’s item? I don’t get to go often and aren’t sure what to get! Help :)


Hello, my name is Brittany and I have a sushi addiction.  Today I attempted to satisfy it here:

and I got this: (along with some other good stuff ;) )

Driving while sushi-ing probably isn’t safe so I pulled over.  I dotted wasabi on each piece and sprinkled on some low sodium soy…

…then I was disappointed.  TJ’s sushi tasted… mushy? Not very good.  I still ate 3 pieces before calling uncle and  eating the avocado out of the remaining pieces.  Although I was unimpressed with TJ’s sushi, I had a grand ol time going through the rest of the store… what great prices for delicious food! I can’t wait to go back when I have more time.


Tonight’s dinner was actually a pretty quick fix:

Garlic-chili tilapia (from TJ’s!), sweet potato chips , broccolini (<3!), and cherry tomatoes.  A colorful plate is a healthy plate say my momma!

Doesn’t colorful food look pretty on a white plate?  Thanks for the TJ suggestions! I can’t wait to go back when I have more time and pick up some more goodies! Good night :D

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