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Wardrobe malfunction...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
Well, actually it was more like a Garmin malfunction on my short run tonight. However, since the GPS has become a regular part of the attire, it's like part of the running wardrobe, right? I typically like to stop my clock while standing at traffic lights and then restart it once I get running again. I figure, why accumulate time when I'm not actually covering any distance?

So it seems that my memory is pretty bad, even over the short time it takes for a traffic light to change from red to green, and tonight I forgot to restart my watch after just such a traffic light. I think I've been able to piece the run together though...

  • Tonight's estimated distance: 5.35 km
  • Tonight's estimated time: 39:24

My evening runs during the week are pretty low key (as the results above show pretty clearly) but I always enjoy getting out on a run that I don't have to feel is a race. I definitely have days where I try to push myself and days where I have a specific goal in mind, but I also enjoy the nights like tonight where it's just as much a social call as it is a workout (I ran with a good friend tonight).

Besides, tomorrow night is my hard night...our last night of hill training for this clinic. Yikes!

In other news I still haven't been brave enough to actually wear my swimming cap into the pool. I've worn it in the house, and I've worn it in the changeroom, but to date, I haven't made it all the way out onto the pool deck. I know it's silly, especially since I fully understand the benefits and advantages of wearing a cap and I'm sure my hair would thank me if I did.

I think part of my problem is that I can't reconcile how I actually look in the cap vs. what I envision I look like in the cap. For some reason, this is what I see in my mind's eye:

Anyhow, cap or not, I had a good swim last night. Just what I needed after a nice visit with my friend and her 2 week old daughter - complete with a home-cooked meal (her mom is visiting and was kind enough to make us dinner)! I ended up swimming 1550m in a total time of 42:36.

Maybe if I make it into the pool with my snazzy swimming cap on, I'll shave a few seconds off that time! Ha ha.

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