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Want What I Want

Posted May 12 2010 1:22pm

I spent the weekend in Loveland, Ohio for a retreat with the wonderful, Jen Louden . The thing that resonated most with me was the concept that we don’t allow ourselves to want what we want.

Instead of doing something that really nourishes, we watch TV or surf the net. We don’t want to admit we don’t want to nurture ourselves by taking a bath, we’d rather go rock climbing or read a magazine.

We are so individual that the ways that are nurturing will be different for everyone. Maybe you are someone that feels great after playing video games, but won’t let yourself because you feel silly. Or you love to sing, but are too embarrassed to sing out loud so you stuff down that part of yourself. Or going out dancing is something that makes you feel alive, but it’s a risk so you stay at home.

What would happen if you let yourself want what you want?

What if you want chocolate?

I want chocolate

Try savoring it really slowly like we did on the retreat. One was enough.

Of course, we know we don’t always get what we want. But, how often do we take the option of what we want away from ourselves?

What do you want right now. This minute? What would make you feel alive?

Can you allow yourself a little of that?


Photo by Sam Howzit
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