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Want To Be Perfect? Use Photoshop!

Posted Feb 08 2010 2:35pm

She’s a 10no she’s a 12no she’s perfect! We’ve all heard different peoplemen in particularcall the woman of their dreams perfect. Yeteven that woman labeled perfect could point out at least 2 or 3 flaws about herself. Reality isperfection does not exist. Yeteven though people deep down truly realize thiswhy does the world keep trying to create perfection? After my previous article on average girlsand how even Hollywood actors feel the pressure to slim downit has caused me to address the idea of perfection. Perfection simply means: Entirely without flawsor defects. It is most obvious that peopleespecially women of this world are constantly fighting to keep up with a certain “status” as I mentioned in my previous article. Whether it be possessing the ideal body typeor having flawless skin even at the age of 50women keep striving to be perfect. But let’s face factsour bodies are designed to be different and are constantly going through change.  We may not realize it because it is a gradual changebut when we look back at photos of us 5 years agowe see a definite change. Specifically for a womanshe of course changes as she developsshe changes during pregnancyand she changes as she gets older. Whether we try to or notwe cannot fight nature. Howeverthe world wants to fight that statement. Take Faith Hill for instance. Here we have a beautiful woman in her 40s. Faith Hill has always presented herself as a classy woman and she is someone that we women can look up to proudly. But Faith Hill’s natural beauty didn’t cut it for Hollywood. In this issue of RedbookFaith Hill was photoshopped to look younger and thinner.

I understand when magazines use airbrushing techniques to lose the dark shadowing on someone’s facebut what does this cause for women in their 40s or even younger to think? In the picture to the rightFaith’s wrinkles have been minimizedthe bags under her eyes are almost goneher waist appears smallerand her arm is slimmer. While I will admit that this isn’t the harshest case of photoshopping that I’ve ever seenthe published magazine on the right still gives the false hope to women that if Faith Hill looks like that at 42then something is wrong with me if I don’t. It causes us “non-celebrity” women to question our own looks and feel that we are not adequate in our own skin.  Getting older is something God designed to happen to us naturally. Seeing older women who are photoshopped makes us think that we need to do something to ourselves to defy that.

On a another note of changepregnancy is one of the most beautiful things for a woman to go through. Every body type handles pregnancy differentlynonethelessit is still beautiful. Jessica Alba has always been praised for her fit body. She seems to be naturally slimand promotes healthy eating and exercise. She gained a healthy 25 pounds while being pregnant with her daughter. 6 weeks after giving birtheveryone was astonished to see Jessica almost back to pre-baby weight. She credited it to hard workouts and a healthy diet. She was an inspiration to women by proving that one can get off the baby weight with hard work! Howevernot long after, controversy struck as it was shown that Jessica’s body had been photoshopped in an editorial ad.

If Jessica didn’t already look great enoughshe was photoshopped to appear thinner! What message does this send out to women who are working to get their pregnancy weight off? If Jessica Alba isn’t skinny enough after losing most of her baby weightthen there is no way I’ll ever be!

Looking at the most controversial photoshopped celebirty of allRalph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton ranks number one on the list. In an ad that was released in JapanFilippa’s hips were photoshopped to look smaller than her head. Filippa has since spoken out against Ralph Lauren stating that she was fired because they said she was too fat to fit in their clothes.

The picture on the right completely blows me away. FirstI cannot imagine how any editor would think that society would believe that picture to look natural. Secondif thin models are now being photoshopped to look thinnerthan we are all doomed! Photoshopping is nothing but creating a woman that does not exist. Yet still people believe it exists! It is sad to see how society has put such high standards particularly on women. Photos like these cause women and girls to believe that they need to go beyond extremes in order to look like thisand those extremes can lead down a dark path. The truth isGod created us with flaws. God did not create us to be perfect because only he is perfect. So the next time you flip through a magazine and wish you looked as perfect as the girl in the picturebe proud of who you are and remembershe might be photoshopped!

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