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Want Some Beetles in Your Frappucino?

Posted Apr 03 2012 7:41pm

Well, well, well. Looks like you all really want some MILA chia seeds ! I love reading about how you incorporate chia seeds into your meals and snacks. It definitely gets my wheels turning. Haven’t entered yet? You have until midnight tonight!

Today is just not on my side today, friends. Fail #1: Matty was supposed to come up tonight, but he got called into work. Fail #2: My hard drive potentially crashed (I am blogging to you from the computer lab). Fail #3: After my laptop crashed, I broke out in a spotty, mysterious rash that burned like crazy. It disappeared about 30 minutes after the onset. Really? …

Naturally, I called my Dad and cried like a baby. After my pity party, I decided to switch my mindset. Feeling sorry for yourself all day is never a good thing. I’m all for having a quick meltdown and getting all of your crap out. After that, it’s time to re-group. So, I did just that. I’ve been telling myself, “You’re the only one that can hold yourself back from happiness.” It’s been helping but I’m sort of a total stress case without my laptop. I have a bunch of assignments on there and I’m praying to God they’re not erased.

…and as a result, I have picture-less meals for you today. The computers in the lab here don’t have USB inserts. Womp womp. Hopefully, you can use your imagination. ;-)


Despite the above setbacks, today began on a high note with a killer workout! I HIIT the gym (I’m so punny) and completed the Engine Revver , this week’s second HIIT workout for SELF Magazine’s  Drop 10 Challenge. I upped the ante a bit, alternating between two minutes at 8.0 mph and two minutes at 4.0 mph for 20 minutes, and followed it up with a 5 minute walk at 4.0 mph. Short, sweet and effective! Afterwards, I busted through another ab burner, courtesy of yours truly.

My abs were feeling this after the first round. By the third round, they were screaming ”Have mercy!” There I go again with Uncle Jesse references. ;-)


After my first class, my Medical Nutrition Therapy group got together to work on our care plan. We’re making a nutrition care plan for a patient who has celiac disease (someone who cannot digest gluten, the protein found in wheat). Next up was lunch. More new goodies were on the menu today!

I helped myself to roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted zucchini and summer squash, and a green salad topped with a warm lima bean blend. The lima beans were especially large, and made with Earth Balance and black pepper. Simple and delicious!


The remainder of the afternoon was filled with drama (i.e. fail numbers 1, 2 and 3)  and was spent in the computer lab doing work, since my laptop decided to play an evil joke on me. Eventually, my stomach began to rumble and I headed over to the dining commons for some dinner.

Want Some Beetles in Your Frappucino?

According to the Boston Globe , Starbucks uses cochineal extract, an artificial red dye made from female beetles, in their strawberries and creme frappucino. Two years ago, Starbucks announced the addition of soy milk to their menu, in an effort to appeal to their vegan and lactose intolerant customers. I guess they didn’t feel the need to mention there were also insect derivities in their strawberry flavored smoothies and frappucinos. Cochineal extract gives the strawberry flavored drinks their pinkish color.

Cliff Burrows, Starbucks’ president, issued a public apology to the vegan community yesterday on the Starbucks blog . Burrows said he and the Starbucks team are looking into “alternative natural ingredients.”

Vegans were led to beleive that all Starbucks drinks were safe to consume as long as the consumer requested soy milk instead of dairy milk. According to USA Today , Starbucks made the switch to cochineal extract in January 2012, just three months ago. Companies need to be more open and public about their inclusion of products like this. Since Starbucks made it their mission two years ago to include the vegan community in their consumer base, it is only fair they continue to hold true to that promise by issuing public statements like this. I’m sure there are monetary incentives and other apprehensions in doing this, including the potential of losing vegans as consumers. However, it is better to practice honestly than sneakily – and in this case, the latter happened.

So, how about we omit the beetles and use…say…strawberries to color the frappucino – you know, the fruit that is in the actual drink name? Sarcasm aside, there are other natural alternative options such as beets. They would provide a beautiful hue, sans cruelty.

Daelyn Fortney, co-founder of ThisDishIsVeg (a website for which I am a contributor), created a petition for Starbucks to stop using cochineal extract and start using naturally-derived coloring in their drinks. I invite you to join Daelyn and the vegan community by signing the petition here . It takes two seconds. Change creates change!

On that note, I’m off to try to get my laptop fixed at the IT help desk. They’re not supposed to fix my laptop because it is not a DELL (FSU has a contract with DELL) but I am hoping someone will lend a helping hand.

Stay lovely,

Question of the Day: It’s your turn to weigh in. What do you think about the above news?

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