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wannabe yogi & complete protein sources

Posted Sep 19 2012 11:22pm

Because I’m injured from running and cycling, the only physical activities I can really do are swim and yoga. And for those of you who know me personally know that I’m a horrible swimmer and I really just don’t enjoy it.  Not to mention the recreational hours at the UNCW natatorium are minimal and at atypical times of day. Thus, I caved in and bought a monthly unlimited at the Wilmington Yoga Center.  Despite not being able to take all of the “OHMS” and hippy-dippy speak about dedicating your practice to something or someone seriously, I have thoroughly enjoyed practicing yoga!  My hamstrings are by the far the loosest they have ever been and my hips, for once, aren’t a bundle of tight knots from 55 miles/week for however many weeks straight.  The Wilmington Yoga Center has been by far the best yoga classes that I have ever been to.

Sunday, I attended an hour and 45 minute yoga class! YIKES! It was wonderful!  The last 20 minutes or so, our instructor had us practice various simple yoga positions against the wall with the purpose to stress good form.  Let me tell you- this gave a whole new meaning to warrior 1, 2, and 3.  We had to inch our bodies as close to the wall as possible, shoulders back, hips square, while pressing a block against the wall with our knee. Sounds simple, right? No way!  It was enlightening to acknowledge how positions are really supposed to feel, especially since I already thought that I was meticulous about form.

My parents were in Wilmington for the first couple weeks of school.  We dined out on most nights, and I took advantage of the wonderful meals at Wilmington’s best restaurants.  If you haven’t been to Manna or Rx, and are looking for a splurge dinner, you must check out these fantastic restaurants!  Anyway, I’m back into the swing of things with a healthier diet and eating minimal amounts of meat (apparently, I’m what’s called a flexitarian).

It occurred to me recently that many people don’t know that meat is a complete protein source.  This means that every essential amino acid for your body can be found in meat sources.  However, complete protein sources can come from other foods, but it’s slightly confusing to figure out.  This is a diagram  from my basic nutrition text book from last semester .  These are examples of complete protein sources:

I’m aware of how unattractive and simplistic this table is….wow, actually, as I was making it, I thought about how pretty it was going to be (FAIL)! But, now that you have a general idea of what a complete protein source means, you can do a little exploring on your own!

Are you a vegetarian? A frequent meat eater? Vegan?  Why do you eat a certain way?

Table adapted from Boyle, Marie A. Personal Nutrition. 7th ed. N.p.: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.

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