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Wanna be a Fandana too? A Handana giveaway story...

Posted Apr 04 2013 10:04am
This past weekend something happened.  I became a fandana.

Wait a sec.  A what?  A fandana, that's what.

Oh, you don't know what a fandana is?  Well let me tell you...

Awhile back I read about something called a Handana  on Twitter and instantly wondered what the heck it was.  I checked with my good friend Google and what do you know, a Handana is a fancy little sweatband that wraps around your wrist and hand to wear during a workout.

Image from
Instantly, thousands of mental images of wiping my nose and brow on my glove, my sleeve, a kleenex or anything I could find flashed through my head.  Yuck.  Now THIS was something I needed.

I decided to order one and this past weekend I finally got to give it a try.  It was a beautiful weekend on the island and I couldn't resist getting out for a couple runs in the sunshine...

View of Sproat Lake from in-laws deck.  Nice, eh?
There were lots of great colours available but I decided to try the pretty deep eggplant coloured one with black trim...

The Handana itself is already sewn into the shape you see in my picture above and you simply slip it on your hand like a glove, no twisting or wrapping required.  It just stays put until you need to wipe your nose, your brow or well, anything during your run or workout.  And voila, just like you that you get a dry nose or face and snot-free clothes at the end of your run!

So the first day I wore it on a run I put it on my right hand and off I went.  A little ways down the road I found myself reaching up with my very non-absorbent left hand to wipe my nose and then I remembered I had my fancy new Handana on and gave it a go.  The same thing happened a second time and that's when the light went on, I was clearly a left-hand wiper so I switched it over and the rest is history.

Make sure you figure out which side you
wipe with for Handana success!
Seriously though, I found it to be a super useful addition to my running attire.  I'm not the sweatiest person on the road but I definitely don't like having sweat (or snot) running down my face when I run.  In the winter I could usually take care of things with a discreet swipe of my glove but that's always kind of gross to think you have sweaty, snotty gloves and in the summer I always ended up being out of luck with nothing to wipe with.

I especially liked the fact that when my run was finished and I was sitting around stretching, I could wipe away the post-run sweats.  No more pulling off a sock to wipe my sweaty face.  Yes, true story, it's gross but runners are kinda gross sometimes (just look at our feet!).  I'm also thinking its going to be super useful for those treadmill runs which always seem to be extra sweaty since our gym room in the basement isn't the greatest ventilated.

So anyhow, I wore my new Handana for a couple of runs this weekend and was super impressed.  It was comfortable to wear and worked like a charm for what it was intended.  With just two little runs I was definitely a happy fandana...

Happy, sweat-free and snot-free on my run!
Now Katie has a pretty incredible story of her own running journey and so when I approached her about the Handana, I told her a little bit about my own journey back into running after my back injuries and now as I prepare to run the Run for Water ultra marathon in May.  I love to find out about other runners who have come back after incredible challenges and have been so humbled by the amazing support I've received from running companies for my work with Run for Water.  It is so wonderful to know that the companies who support us in our day to day efforts also stand behind us and help support the causes we believe in.  Thank you so much Katie and the Handana family.  I'll be awarding additional big entries to those who have or wish to donate to my Run for Water fundraising .

You can use the Rafflecopter below to enter.  Giveaway will close at midnight on Tuesday, April 9th and the winner will be notified by email.

Sending good luck to those who enter!

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