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Walk to work & tutorials

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am

Yesterday I worked against my new working mode… I worked from 8AM-4PM with 1 hour break spread out. I didn’t even take a break for lunch. Very bad idea :( . Maybe it was because I felt super charged by the 9 hours sleep, or maybe it was because I couldn’t accept the fact that my model wasn’t giving me the result I needed! Whatever was the reason, I just couldn’t stop. By 4PM I called quit and went for a walk. It was freezing outside but sunny. I thought why not take a walk, listen to some quiet music and give my mind a break. It was the best hour of my day!!! Although the first 10 min I kept thinking about research, but then I began to look around and realized how beautiful it is the place covered by snow. The last 10 minute I started to think about work again and my mind was clearer and gained new perspectives…. I found new things to try! :D Bottom line: if you ever get a mental block, go for a walk! :D

No time for lunch


so I had a black corn & chocolates!


both the chewy corn and chocolates helped to calm my anxiety! :D

Okay. Now onto the tutorials. Many of you asked me how I prepare my bok choy. It’s really simple but some tips are important.

Ingredients: bok choy, mushrooms

IMG_4265.JPG IMG_4266.JPG

black fungus, bamboo, ginger, garlic, green onions were for the steamed egg (below)

IMG_4267.JPG IMG_4268.JPG


Oil (canola or corn, don’t use olive oil), salt, sugar and white pepper

IMG_4276.JPG IMG_4290.JPG


1. Heat the oil, wait 2-3 min

2. add bok choy

IMG_4275.JPG IMG_4277.JPG

3. Mix 2-3 min and add other ingredients (optional)

IMG_4287.JPG IMG_4289.JPG

4. Mix 2-3 more, add salt, sugar (1 tbsp?) and 1/2 cup water.

IMG_4291.JPG IMG_4292.JPG

5. Mix 2 min more and cover it.


6. Let it cook for 5 min. Open the lid, do a testing. Add salt & sugar if it’s necessary. And finally add white pepper (just a touch).


7. Serve


what’s the key in making a tasty and tender bok choy stir fry?

Next: Steamed egg

Ingredients: 2 eggs + salt + fish sauce (optional) and green onions.


1. Beat the eggs and add

IMG_4270.JPG IMG_4273.JPG

2. Once beaten, add 1/2 cup of water

IMG_4278.JPG IMG_4280.JPG

3. Add fish sauce

IMG_4282.JPG IMG_4283.JPG

4. Steam it covered for 20 min (on medium heat) until it’s semi-done

IMG_4286.JPG IMG_4300.JPG

5. Add green onions and steam for 2-3 min more.


6. Serve


It has a jelly texture.


My dinner companion



If you have any question about the tutorials and/or you want to see other chinese dishes tutorials, let me know, even it’s a dish that you don’t see me eating often, I’d love to try new things :)

Q: What do you do when you have a mental block?

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