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wake up call

Posted Jan 30 2012 11:11pm

It has been super windy here. Throw in the COLD factor & it’s just not fun stuff to take two little boys out in. I’ve been wanting to get out & walk (since that’s all I can do) but the weather just hasn’t been cooperating.

But tonight, there was a 15 minute break in the nasty wind! My man took the little G man on a run with the stroller, and I went on a walk with the little B man & we met up after a while & walked home together. 0130121718

And yes, my man has been running. I think he is just trying to make me SUPER jealous. Or maybe he just wants to get a head start since I have to wait a few more weeks. Not only the running, but somehow he has been making me so much more aware of what I’ve been eating. Lets just sum it up by saying – I EAT LIKE CRAP! and I think that since I’ve been paying more attention to the crap I eat (ie: donuts, chips, sweathearts, sour patch kids, etc), the more I want to eat it.


It’s a wake up call. I’ll work on it. I just need to remember – Broccoli, mmmm. Bananas, delish. Strawberries, so good. Carrots, yum. Salad, my fav.

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