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Waist Slimming Workout to “Wings” by Little Mix

Posted Sep 04 2012 2:21am

Hey POPsters!!!

So….I know this came kinda late but I hope you finished your workout today and you can do this video the following day and still checkmark your Monday “new vid”. My bad – was taking a while to edit and upload. I will try to do better next time with scheduling! Thursday’s video will be ready for ya in a timely manner :) Umm and GET READDDAYYYY for Thursday. Let’s just say w’re gonna work out…GANGNAM STYLE :))))))))

Big thanks to you guys for suggesting “Wings” by Little Mix! I really enjoyed the song and had  fab time creating this workout! I added a new feature to this video – you will see a “modification box” that shows you an alternate move to do if you can’t do the advanced version that I am demonstrating. I want to see the feedback on this and see if it is something worth continuing on with going forward. Let me know in the comments if it helps you…

The shorts in this video are from my friend Zeudy, designer at AFFITNITY . I want to give a shout out to her and say major congrats on getting her booty shorts on the cover of Fitness Magazine! That is amazing. I am so happy for her! Fellow woman entrepreneur working hard and getting recognized – makes all those sleepless nights worth it! If you like em, she’s giving them away right now – you can click here to enter .

K, gotta edit another video explaining the workout calendar for Sweaty September . It will go live on BlogilatesTV in a couple hours. Apparently I wasn’t clear enough…so explanation video coming up!

<3 you! Hope you had a kick-a** start to your week!!!!


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