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W8Fit Workout Clothes

Posted Aug 21 2012 8:48pm

Ok, most of my readers know that I love trying new fitness gadgets and clothes. Can you believe I found both in one item?

I recently saw an ad in Shape magazine for “weighted” workout clothes and was intrigued. How would that work and would it really make a difference?

I contacted the founder, Maya Kaiminsky, to see if she would supply a sample of her product for a review – she generously offered not one item but two – a weighted tank and a pair of weighted wrist cuffs.


I loved the fabric and cut of the tank. Not only did it look fab – it was functional too. Their apparel is 88% nylon and 12% Lycra, is moisture wicking and pre-shrunk – and it fit great! I wore my tank while doing weight training and cardio; I felt no restrictions and loved the way it moved and “breathed”. There was a small pocket on the back of the tank located between the shoulder blades. This is where you insert the 1/4lb weight. For the pants, however, you can add a 1/4 or 1/2lb flat weight. The weights come in two packs so you could go up to 1lb.


The idea with the weighted clothing is that by adding weight to your body, your muscles have to work harder thereby burning more calories and fat. Although I like this idea in theory, I’m not sure the weight (in the tank) is going to give you any significant calorie burn. When I began to do ab work, I had to remove the weight because it became slightly uncomfortable. To be fair, I didn’t test the pants, so I cannot say how it would feel while running or performing other activities. According to Maya though, “the pants and cuffs are the real workouts”.


And I did like the wrist cuffs. The weights are not uncomfortable at all and they provide extra resistance while doing arm exercises. Sometimes a 5lb jump in dumbbells can be a bit much, but the W8fit cuffs could assist in making your transition easier.

All in all, I really like the clothing line, even without the added benefits of weights.


W8Fit Activewear was developed by fitness instructor and personal trainer, Maya Kaiminsky. Maya, a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor in the fitness industry founded W8FIT in 2011.

An activewear line, W8 Fit offers up stylish and practical gym clothes with discrete pockets designed for small weights. From yoga pants and capris to bras and tanks, each garment comes with up to 4 pockets, perfectly sized for W8 Fit’s quarter or half pound flat weights.

You can find out more about their products by going to their website:

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