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VS Sexy Supermodel Stiletto Workout!

Posted Nov 08 2012 5:35am


Grab dem heels of yours and do this workout with me now! Too much fun TRYING to be sexy while getting a leg workout in! The smaller and higher your heel…the harder. No wedges allowed.

Train like a beast, look like a beauty eyelet hoodie! See more colors.  You really need to click on the link so you can see the more detailed photos of this hoodie. The eyelet detailing is just gorgeous! Plus it’s a longer length hem which is nice, cozy, and slimming. I also wanted to put one of my fave inspirational quotes in a very peculiar and discrete place with this design. I put the quote on the inside of the hoodie so that it’s kinda like a secret that only you and I know about ;)

I WILL KILL IT tank . I decided it had to be made after you guys got such a good laugh from this meme I made on Instagram (my username is @Blogilates):

Haha gotta love those old school dumbbells. Pick up those weights ladies!!! And finally, my most favorite design of all in this release…

I am Ready. I am Beast. GRRRRR! This tank was inspired after I wrote a blog post randomly saying that and a bunch of y’all were like make a shirt, make a shirt! So I did! And this is our first tank with a cool graphic on it since the “Muffintops are from Muffins Only” tank from way back in the day. Do you remember that one? Seems like eons ago!

Don’t forget to use the “thanks10″ code which gives you 10% off all your purchases on until 11/22!

Which design do you like best?

I can’t believe it’s more than a week into November! That is so coconuts. Already the gym is getting emptier and emptier as people start to get lazy and prep up for the holidays. Thanks for staying strong and pushing through the toughest of exercise seasons! You’re amazing! Yay-yuhhhh, we go #NutsInNovember!

And here’s your workout command of the day:

Give me 10 Mini Donuts going clockwise and 10 going counterclockwise. This truly trains your lower abs as well as work your hip flexibility. Try to keep your low back pressed into the mat and suck your belly button in super tight! GO! NOW!

I’m headed down to SoCal in several hours for a really cool  LA Live Twilight event happening on Friday. Basically, I will be teaching some of my fave workouts to crazy, screaming, Twilight fans who are camping out for days to watch the premier. It’s an event co-hosted with Jamba Juice and they wanted to encourage staying fit while camping out. LOL. This is awesome! I’ll try to do a vlog when I am down there. I don’t know if they will be filming the whole sesh but I’ll share as much as I can. I am planning on teaching and performing the Call Me Maybe Squats, Gangnam Style Cardio Dance, and a very special Twilight themed workout! You know, like Bella biceps and such :D

I must admit I am not a Twihard by any means so I have a lot of reading to do to truly understand this phenomenon. If I get one detail wrong about the story during my workout, oh man, Cassey’s gonna get vampire-sucked. Or bitten. Or whatever you call it when vampires munch on you.

Okie dokie! Packing time! Hope I run into some of you when I am in LA!

<3 Cassey

PS – tweet me pics of the heels you decide to wear for the workout! I wanna see!

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