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Vitamins Study - Vitamin B3 Benefits for Stroke Patients

Posted Jun 17 2010 9:03am

More research continues to be performed on the effectiveness of certain vitamins on the body's health. While many of these vitamins studies are retrospective in nature - meaning they are done after a health problem or condition  comes about - they still provide some important data.  When you see the reports, you'll understand why we continue to emphasize the need for a healthier diet, most importantly increasing the fruits, vegetables, grapes, and berries that are consumed daily. Of course, we recommend Juice Plus +® for those who continue to struggle with getting the minimum recommended servings.  In regards to Vitamin B3, notice the specific benefits to the brain and ask yourself why you wouldn't try to eat more plant-based foods now for a healthy brain (from BetterHealthResearch) --

Individuals who experience a stroke may want to begin taking the nutritional supplement, vitamin B3, as a new study suggests that it could be an effective treatment to improve neurological function.

According to researchers from the Henry Ford Hospital, when rats that experienced an ischemic stroke were given vitamin B3, their brains began to grow new blood vessels and sprouted nerve cells, which greatly improved their neurological performance.

An ischemic stroke is when there is an obstruction in the vessels that supply blood to the brain. It currently accounts for 87 percent of all stroke cases.

The scientists believed that these findings were conclusive enough to begin testing on human patients, in hopes of developing an effective alternative treatment that could potentially improve the quality of life for stroke victims.

Comments: While we certainly don't want to ignore the benefits of Vitamin B3 for helping those who have had a stroke, we should use this study as a lesson for improved neurological function by eating a healthy diet that is vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-rich - that is, a plant-based diet. If you don't eat enough of those foods, or won't, then consider taking a whole food nutritional supplement like Juice Plus+® , which contains nutrients from 7 different fruits and 8 different vegetables. There are plenty of reasons to reform your diet to include more of those foods, being sure that they are ripe and raw when you consumine them for highest nutritional value.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC

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