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Vitamins, Nutrients From Mother's Breast is Best For Baby

Posted May 15 2010 1:44pm

Although there are many reasons that Mother's breast milk is best for baby - from the mental, emotional, and physical connection to the nutritional reasons, it is important to know that Mom must be getting the vitamins and nutrients in her diet in order to pass that good health and nutrition on to the newborn.  Here is another reason that the importance of getting a variety of fruits and vegetables, ripe and eaten raw if possible, cannot be emphasized enough. For those pregnant or Mom's with newborn's, we recommend adding Juice Plus +® to get additional nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Of course, for any diet that lacks the minimum fruit and vegetable intake on a daily basis we recommend adding a whole food nutritional supplement like Juice Plus +®.  But for a new Mom, there are many reasons breast milk is best. Here's more on that topic --

Is breast milk so different from infant formula? The ability to track which genes are operating in an infant's intestine has allowed University of Illinois scientists to compare the early development of breast-fed and formula-fed babies. They say the difference is very real.

"For the first time, we can see that breast milk induces genetic pathways that are quite different from those in formula-fed infants. Although formula makers have tried to develop a product that's as much like breast milk as possible, hundreds of genes were expressed differently in the breast-fed and formula-fed groups," said Sharon Donovan, a U of I professor of nutrition.

Although both breast-fed and formula-fed babies gain weight and seem to develop similarly, scientists have known for a long time that breast milk contains immune-protective components that make a breast-fed infant's risk lower for all kinds of illnesses, she said.  More...

Comments: You can see the issue encompasses many aspects of the child's health, including the immune system.  This is the major reason for a healthy diet - hence, the description "healthy" when talking about a diet.  The problem with our health care in the US is not about coverage, but about actually caring for our own health, and it starts with a healthy diet that includes plenty of nutrients and vitamins that are found in fruits, vegetables, grapes, and berries.

The Health & Wellness Institute, PC
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