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Vitamins And Vitamin D Benefit HIV Patients

Posted Jun 28 2010 1:06pm

Amazingly enough, there seems to be evidence that vitamins are important even for some of the more difficult diseases to address. While whole food nutrition from fruits and vegetables are the best source of nutrients for the body, there are cases where concentrated high doses of vitamins can provide benefit. Supplementing with Juice Plus+ provides nutrients from a variety of whole foods. For those of you who are interested in getting more nutrients for prevention of sickness, Juice Plus+ may help you in that regard.  But in the case of those dealing with HIV, research shows that Vitamin D is helpful. Here's more --

Taking high doses of vitamin D may slow the disease progression and reduce the risk of death in people with HIV, a new study published in the Jan 2010 issue of PLoS One suggests.

The study led by Mehta S at Harvard School of Public Health showed HIV carriers with high serum vitamin D levels were at low risk of disease progression, mortality and severe anemia.

Vitamin D has been known to be involved in the immune system. In the study, the researchers  wanted to know if vitamin D plays a role in slowing HIV disease progression and preventing mortality.

Mehta et al. analysed data on 884 HIV-infected pregnant women who were enrolled in a trial of multivitamin supplementation in Tanzania. The subjects were followed up for an average of 69 months.

Those who had lower than 32 ng/mL of serum vitamin D were 25 percent more likely to experience disease progression to WHO HIV disease stage III or greater, compared to those who had high levels.

Women with low vitamin D were also 47 percent more likely to develop severe anemia during the follow-up compared to those with adequate vitamin D levels.

Comments: Vitamin D continues to get more attention as more research and published studies are showing the benefits. However, it is more important to eat a well balanced diet that includes plenty of plant-based foods. You will find more nutrients when you consume a variety of RIPE and raw whole food fruits and vegetables. Don't forget to exercise and get plenty of water, and rest.

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