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Vitamin D May Save Your Life

Posted Dec 10 2008 2:51pm

Sure you may know that you need Vitamin D but did you know how seriously it can impact your health if you do not have enough of it. New studies are reporting that Vitamin D deficiency can be deadly. A new German study has found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with heart dysfunction, sudden cardiac death, and death due to heart failure.

Researchers from the University of Heidelberg conducted a study on over 3,000 patients. They were tested for clogged arteries for three years and then followed for eight years. During the period of study 116 patients died of heart failure and 188 from sudden cardiac death. It was found that those who had very low levels of the Vitamin D were almost three times as likely to have died from heart failure and five times more likely to die from cardiac death. This surprising data is promising in that Vitamin D can be used as a preventative measure for many heart conditions and may be a safe form of protection that most people can use on a daily basis. About one third to one half of adults are reported to have Vitamin D deficiency. You can get more vitamin D by exposing yourself to the sun without sunscreen for as little as twenty minutes a day. If you are one of the many who do not have access to sunlight year round you can always take a supplement. Canadian Cancer Society now recommends that adults with lighter skin take 1,000 units each day in fall and winter. People with dark skin are advised to take this amount throughout the year.

The health benefits of Vitamin D are many. It can reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis as well as prevent heart failures and cardiac deaths. To get more Vitamin D in your diet drink milk or eat fish or fortified cereals.
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