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Vitamin D, Juice Plus+® Provide Support For Health

Posted Jul 10 2009 12:00am

Juice Plus+® may not contain the levels of Vitamin D that are being shown to be needed for prevention. However, Juice Plus+® does provide nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables that have been shown through clinical research to provide support to the consumer's health. Here's more on what's being discovered about Vitamin D in particular --

Emerging research suggests that nutritional factors—including vitamin D, magnesium, and others—may influence the risk and progression of cardiovascular disease. The new data on nutrition and heart disease were the topic of a recent symposium and are summarized in the July issue of The American Journal of the Medical Sciences (AJMS), official journal of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSCI). The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading provider of information and biomedical intelligence for students, professionals, and institutions in medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry.

"The prospect that macro- and micronutrients may play an important role in the appearance of diseases of the cardiovasculature and their progressive nature is both intriguing and provocative," according to the article’s preface by Dr. Karl T. Weber. The article highlights key findings presented at the SSCI's Annual Scientific Session in New Orleans earlier this year. The symposium was presented in conjunction with the SSCI's Cardiovascular Club and the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences/North America.

New Evidence Links Vitamin D to Cardiovascular Disease
Several recent studies have identified low vitamin D levels as a common problem with many adverse health effects, including increased rates of cardiovascular disease. People with vitamin D deficiency are at increased risk of high blood pressure, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease, according to Suzanne Judd, MPH, PhD, of University of Alabama at Birmingham and Dr. Vin Tangpricha of Emory University. In patients who already have heart disease, low vitamin D may increase the risk of high blood pressure or sudden death.

Vitamin D deficiency may also help to explain the apparent relationship between osteoporosis-related fractures and heart failure, according to Dr. Syed H. Raza and colleagues. Osteoporosis and heart failure are both common conditions in older adults and share several risk factors—including low vitamin D. Pending further research to clarify this relationship, patients with heart failure need attention to their risks of osteoporosis and fractures. ( Full report... )

Comments: As always, we suggest a diet that is rich in raw, whole food fruits and vegetables to combat any health problem, and in some cases even healing. Since most people aren't getting the nutrition they need from those sources, we recommend adding Juice Plus+® least as somewhat of an 'insurance policy' for those times when you don't, won't, or can't get the daily minimum recommended amount. Don't skimp on your budget when it comes to healthy foods. In the long run, spending the time and money to get good nutrition each day will save you more than what you'll spend in lost hours of work, doctor's visits, and expensive medical care in the long run.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC
Official Juice Plus+® Distributor

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