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Posted Sep 11 2011 10:52am

Yesterday afternoon, I was thrilled to attend an event put on by Ashley, from Healthy Happier Bear at Equinox. Ashley always has nothing but great things to say about Equinox and her trainer, Lauren (picture below). We were the guinea pigs for a new boot camp style circuit training class called Vitality. Vitality is the brain child of Lauren and I definitely think it should be added to the Equinox schedule.

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(Ashley’s Picture)

The definition of Vitality: the capacity to live and develop; also : physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed OR the power of enduring. ( Webster-Merriam Dictionary )

I love the idea of calling this class vitality. You definitely need the will power to endure during this sweaty session. And how powerful do you feel just reading that definition.

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(Ashley’s Picture)

Here we are getting a description of everything before we start. I look a bit worried, don’t I? The class utilizes all your major muscles in 30 second bursts at about a dozen different stations. You move through the stations quickly, one after another and repeat the circuit 3 times. It is just as tiring as it sounds but you leave feeling great.

What I enjoyed most about the class is the use of all the different equipment such as ropes, viprs , and medicine balls. It is a really dynamic class and provides a change from just normal weight equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and machines. The fast pace and untraditional equipment makes Vitality fun, challenging, and fly by.

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(Ashley’s Pictures)

I was challenged in unexpected ways throughout the class. The stations I thought I would rock, ended up being the most challenging, like the squat with the vertical lift using the vipr. And my favorites were the rope high pull, the deadlift vipr throw, and the ball smash. Those exercises required a huge amount of force and got out a lot of aggression.

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(Ashley’s Pictures)

Overrall, I think this was a really great class and experience. Thank you to Ashley, Lauren, the other trainers, and Equinox for giving us this opportunity.

Afterwards, we headed over to Beecher’s Cheese for happy hour.

Photo 1

Photo 2

I could only stay and mingle for a short amount of time because I had to babysit. But I got to meet a bunch of great people including bloggers Meghan, Sofia , Katherine , and Gia . As well as great readers, Liz and Alyssa – Hi Guys!! And I was very happy Shannon was joining us. We only got to meet briefly at HLS. We stopped for a quick picture on our way out.

Photo 3

This was definitely the highlight of my weekend so far. My legs are super sore, but in a good way. Let’s go see what else Sunday has in store.

What has been the highlight of your weekend? Any special plans for this Sunday morning?

Finally, there are two very special birthdays today. One of my best and closet friends, Jenna, and my fabulously, quirky Aunt Georgie. I love you both and Happy Birthday!

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