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Vitalicious Chocolate Mint Vitatop Review

Posted Jul 16 2009 12:00am
***Newest update: I won't be ordering from Vitalicious ever again. Follow the rest of the Saga on this post. If you found this blog through a search for reviews, I read on the WW message boards that the new batch tasted like the bad batch... but I guess I will never know!***

***UPDATED: I found out there was an error in the first batch of production. However during my phone call, I explained I would be out of town next week and could not receive the package. I was given a coupon code to reorder and was told I would have to pay the $13 for shipping. I am awaiting a follow-up call because this seems a bit unfair since I ordered when I was able to receive a delivery and was only asking for a week delay in shipping the new batch. Will keep you posted.***

I was so excited when I found out that Vitalicious was releasing a Chocolate Mint vitatop. I am a fan of all things chocolate mint. At least I thought I was.

Stalking the UPS Web site, I waited patiently for today's delivery. When it got here, I quickly broke out a pen to open the box (and proceeded to break the pen in half all over my hand!). When my hands were cleaned of ink, I grabbed a chocolate mint vitatop.

The first bite was good. Moist and chocolaty, it had a similar texture and flavor as the deep chocolate vitatop with a mint taste to it.

But about three bites in, my opinion began to change as my taste buds were overwhelmed with a chocolate mouthwash sensation. Even now, ten minutes after consuming, my throat still has a minty feel to it. The boyfriend couldn't decide if I had just eaten or brushed my teeth!

I love the concept, and am glad I got the deep chocolate vitatops as well. I am hoping that my opinion will change after doctoring the mint chocolate vitatops... because right now I am a unhappy camper with great breath.

Maybe I will keep them around as giant vitamin filled mints?

If you have tried them and liked them... how did you eat them? With anything else? Were they fresh/toasted/frozen? Help a sister out!
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