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Vital Considerations Regarding a Dell GP952 Laptop Battery

Posted Jul 19 2013 7:59am

When you have just bought your Dell GP952 laptop, there are certain things that you need to be aware of regarding your  Dell Laptop Battery GP952. No matter how good or reliable your laptop is, there will come a time when your battery will grow old and need a replacement. A typical laptop battery can be charged by 300 to 500 times before it starts to wear out. Thus, most laptop batteries have a life span of around 18 to 36 months, depending upon how you use it. The efficiency of your Dell GP952 laptop battery will decrease with times, which will also affect its ability to hold a charge. When you notice that your battery lasts less than usual, then it is a sure sign that you need a battery replacement.


There are two fundamental types of laptop batteries. The aftermarket batteries are cheaper batteries that come from third party retailers. The other type of batteries comes from the manufacturer itself. You should know the fact that  Dell GP952 battery  takes about 3 hours before you become completely charged. The processor, networking cards, and screen are the major consumers of your laptop battery power. When you watch movies on your laptop, your Dell GP952 laptop battery power gets consumed a lot quicker, mainly because the DVD drive, the screen, and the processor are involved.


In addition to that, exposing your Dell GP952 laptop battery to too much heat can also prove to be a bad practice. Avoid leaving your laptop in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. The heat can make your laptop computer to overheat, thereby damaging its efficiency. Following are some effective suggestions and tips that would help you enhance the lifespan of your laptop battery and  Dell adapter  without weighing it down. This could prove to be the best way of saving your laptop battery in the long run.


Defrag your laptop on a consistent basis but avoid doing it when you are in battery mode. The faster your hard drives works or functions, the less pressure or force your hard drive puts on your battery.


Reducing the screen brightness of your laptop can also save up some precious battery power.

If you tend to run several parallel background programs at a time, try shutting them down to help augment your battery life.


When you are using your external devices such as your Wi-Fi card or USB drive, you may close them if you want to save more battery power.


The addition of additional RAM could have a good impact over your  Dell laptop battery  life. Increased RAM allows you to process more memory at once, which means that your laptop is not relying on virtual memory on your hard drive.


Prefer using hibernate mode rather than a standby mode; because your laptop will consume less energy in hibernate mode.


These are some of the most effective tips and suggestions that would help you extend your Dell GP952 laptop battery life. However, you should also keep in mind the fact that a time will come when you will have to change your batteries at all cost.


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