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Visiting Canada

Posted Aug 02 0028 12:00am

My week at home was so much fun and it was so bittersweet to come back to England.  The main reason why I was happy to come back was to see my Husband… yeah I like my job but I can find one of those anywhere… I can’t find a Hubby who is as great as mine just anywhere..


That is the front of a homemade Valentines Day card he made me.  Love him!

Between telling my family that we are having a GIRL!!  (here’s the link to the post)..


…and celebrating my Dad’s birthday


With TWO cakes ;)


and wonderful family…

IMG_0669  IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0672 IMG_0674 IMG_0675

I had a GREAT time.

This was the first time since 2006 that I was home to celebrate my Dad’s birthday actually ON his birthday.  Normally I am in England and don’t usually go home during the week I have off in Feb.  But since this past Christmas I was honeymooning with my sweetie, I knew I had to make a trip home (especially before the baby is here!) and this was my chance.

I spent time with friends, eating good food (Pita Pit!!) and just plain ol’ RELAXING with my family, even over breakfast.


You know the saying about how no matter who you meet in life and even though friends will always come and go, your family will always be there?  Yep, that’s true for mine!  I adore that I can be myself with them and I can always count on them.

My Mom, Grandma and I went shopping one of the days and boy did we ever have a hay day.  It was such a good time – those two are exactly like each other (in a good way) and I’m betting my Sister and I will be someday (haha Yol!!).  They can chit chat about anything and get so silly in the stores.. I wish I had pics of our shopping trip but trust me, it went well….


We didn’t buy all of this stuff – some were gifts from the sweetest friends ever.  I tweeted that our little girl is spoiled already and this is just half of it!

Some close ups:

IMG_0687 IMG_0688

Adorable, right?!?  This will be a little big to start, but my Mom saw it and couldn’t resist :)


The night before I left my sister and I went to the outlet malls in the city she lives in.  We hit up the Jacob Outlet.  I saw so many cute things, but buying them has been put on hold for a while lol!! My fav stop was definitely The Children’s Place outlet and Carters. 

   The Children’s Place had amazing deals.  You would not believe all the clothing we bought!! It    was mainly the end of season items that were on sale (fall/winter clothes) so we thought ahead and bought items for the baby to wear when she is 6-9 months old (next winter!).  We bought items that were regular $15- $20 for a mere $2.99!!! Some were $3.99. Honestly, a steal!!  My sister even bought Baby a dress for Christmas (that is SO CUTE) for $2.99 regular $25!!!!  If anyone out there shops for baby clothing (and even toddler clothes) I highly recommend you checking out The Children’s Place Outlet stores.  My Sister ALWAYS buys Liam his clothes a season ahead and saves so much money.  The stuff she bought for our munchkin would have regularly cost $223 and she got it for $48!!  I had to leave most of the pieces of clothing at her house in Ontario because I couldn’t fit it all in my suit case, but I figure baby won’t need it for a while :)

I ended the week on such a high note when my Sister and I went to an ultrasound appointment just hours before I flew back to England.  During my last appointment Baby was being stubborn (typical girl- she takes after me already!) and we couldn’t get a good pic.  It was such a moment for my Sister and I that I will never forget! 

This time I did get a few great pics.  Here is my favourite.

21 wk ultrasound.3.-1

That is a hand you see in the pic, near her face… I wonder if she is a thumb sucker already!! 

Now I am back to reality (back to work), but Hubby and I have some fun things going on in the month of March, and it’s less than 6 weeks until our Easter holiday when my sister, her husband and my nephew are coming to visit!

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