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Visit to Vashon

Posted Jun 23 2013 12:00am

These vacation posts are killing me.  I’m excited to get them all documented but then I don’t have time to write about what’s going on in real life.  Like this weekend how I went up to Vashon Island in Seattle to visit my best friend.  Side note – if anyone knows how to set up a separate page/feed area (using Headway themes) let me know.  A lot bloggers do this for baby of family posts.  I want this for all my travel posts…

Anyway, I digress.  Chris has a boys weekend at the beach and it was Kara’s birthday (actually it’s her bday today so if you’re reading this Kara, happy bday again) so I hoped in the car and headed north.  Vashon Island is about 20 minutes from Seattle and it’s literally and island.  You have to take a ferry to it.


The island itself is so gorgeous.  I didn’t take pictures but I wish I did.  If anyone out there lives near Seattle and hasn’t been out to the island you need to.  It’s got cute shops, restaurants, a few wineries and some awesome gardens.

Friday  night we grabbed drinks and dinner at the Hardware Store (highly recommend this place) before heading back and hitting the hay early.


Kara has two adorable kids, Colton – 2.5 and Carter – 8 months and they get up early (her husband had a basketball camp to coach at so it was just us) so I knew we’d be in for a long day.  And it was.  Those kids are busy!  But so cute!!  Colton was totally my bud and even though he couldn’t really remember my name until this morning (he called me “that” and “Arnie”) we had a blast.

The 4 of us went to the park (the park is on the other side, the kids did not have to play in mud).


And a walk.

Image 6

And then we had ice cream.  And it was amazing.  It was from Zuzus and I actually tried the vegan almond coconut and the regular salted carmel and the almond coconut was definitely the winner.  It may have been some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.  The texture was amazing.  I’m lucky I don’t live on Vashon or I’d have to eat that ice cream every day in the summer.

ice cream

And then with the exception of some time out for pizza we spent the rest of the night playing outside.  I swear Colton is the energizer bunny.  I had no clue I could have so much fun with such a little guy.  Side note I feel bad I took no photos of Carter – Carter, one day when you read this please don’t hate Aunt Whitney.


I got up this morning and caught the 8:50 ferry and made it home around 11:30.  It was a pretty lazy afternoon here with grocery shopping being the biggest excitement of the day.  Once Chris got home we drove around Lake Oswego for a bit, dreaming about our someday houses and when we got home I rode the bike for 30 minutes and then ran a mile.  I would have run longer but I was starving so I quickly whipped up some shrimp penne pasta .

I’ve got an offsite downtown tomorrow through Wednesday and while it will be a great meeting I’m struggling with not being able to get my workouts in.  I’ve had a tough time pulling myself together after the trip and last week and this week are not helping.  I’m going to try and not eat dessert or drink during the week and hopefully that will at least offset things a bit.

And now I’m rambling and need to head to bed.  Hope you all had great weekends.

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