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Virginia Weekend Recap

Posted Jun 30 2013 10:46pm
How was your weekend?  I hope it was great.  It seemed that all over social media, my friends were out enjoying wonderful summer weekends.  I was home in Virginia to visit my Mom for the weekend.  Kyle stayed home to "man the fort" at the gym and while he was very missed I still had a great time.
Boomer always has a great weekend.
I arrived late Thursday night due to a slight mechanical delay on my flight.  Friday morning Mom and I had a very important agenda.  Workout!  I love having a fit family.  I took Mom through Kyle's "3 strikes and you're out" workout that I'll post for you this week.  We finished with abs and I did 1 mile of sprints on the treadmill.

I needed to work up all the sweat for a very important meal - Mexican!  I don't know why, but the Mexican food in Virginia is so much better than the Mexican in Florida.  Is that a normal observation? Mom and I had the table-side made guacamole and split chicken fajitas.  I devoured it.
We also did some shopping for new work clothes for me.
I didn't buy these, but I want them.
I found a few good pieces and some not so good.  Does this dress make anyone else think of Russel Crowe and Gladiator? Marshall's fashion fail.
We took advantage of a beautiful summer night to grill out on Friday.  We made grilled BBQ chicken and a grilled vegetable salad.
I manned the grill for the first time and my performance was not too shabby.  For the salad we grilled asparagus, onions, red peppers, and banana peppers.  We then added them to a mix of spinach and arugula, goat cheese, and a spicy homemade vinaigrette. I love goat cheese.  I need to buy some when I get home.
Saturday morning was the big event I was in town for - The Great American Mud Run!  However since I'm marathon training, I needed more weekend miles than the 5k race.  I headed out for 4 easy miles before the race and average a 9:30 pace.

The race was amazing and SO much fun!  Great obstacles and very muddy!  The race said it comes with free hi-res photos, so I'm going to wait until I get them for a full recap.  Here's a taste...
After 2 showers and a nap, we headed to my Mom's BF's house for some more summer fun.
I got to put a check in a bucket list spot...I went paddle boarding!
I managed to stay on the board, but the windy weather almost pushed me into the bridge, rocks, and generally down the creek.  I need to work on my turning skills apparently.  I practiced in the pool before I headed out onto the water.  Paddle boarding was pretty easy and relaxing.  Next time I think I'd like a day with a little less wind and more people out with me.  I also spent some time kayaking, which I think is much easier.

For our post-race celebration dinner we headed out to a cute area called Phoebus.  Look at this cute cat in the antique store window!
Dinner was at a Tapas style restaurant called Six . The three of us shared about 6 different treats including the skirt steak and shrimp & manchego flat bread seen here.
Sunday morning I joined my Mom for practice with her master's track team just like Kyle and I did in December .  Minus the 5,000 extra layers of clothes.  Sundays are usually my day off, but since I was at the track I decided to use it.  I did A LOT of stretching, plyo exercises with the group, and ran 2 miles of "stride the straightaways, jog the curves".

After the running, I had something very, very special planned.  A trip to Trader Joe's!  We in  Central Florida are unfairly TJ's deprived.  I needed my fill of ginger trail mix, Powerberries, and almond meal.  Kyle scored some fruit leather and turkey jerky.
Mom whipped together one of her famous salads for lunch and we spent the afternoon watching Disney's newest Oz before my flight.
About that was cancelled thanks to thunderstorms on the East Coast that held up the incoming airplane.  It did mean that I got one more home cooked meal with Mom.  Dinner was leftover BBQ chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and squash, and a soy/wasabi cucumber slaw.  The big bummer is that Monday is the first day of my final internship rotation and I'll be missing the first half of the day.  How about a great first impression?
I'm so grateful that I got to spend a wonderful weekend home with family, but I'm happy to head home and see Kyle and get closer to having that RD behind my name.

This weekend was so marvelous, that I'm linking up to Marvelous in My Monday.  Check out the posts for more MIMM joy.

Do you live near your parents or do you have to visit home?
What's your favorite meal from your childhood?

Love and VA life,
Carissa & Kyle
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