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Veteran’s Day Run

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm


Let’s take a moment to remember all the Men/Women who fought for our freedom and still pray for all the people at Ft. Hood, here in Texas.I was happy last week to learn my friend did not have training down at Ft. hood; his training was local and I was thankful for his safety.

It feels so weird to have a day off during the middle of the week, but I was happy to sleep. Also to go for run that wasn’t before 6am and have Chris join me.

Pre-Run Fuel: toasted bun with PB and Strawberry cream cheese… don’t judge. I don’t like anything on my stomach in the morning but since I slept in I was hungry. I made myself eat this and drank a tall glass of water, then headed out the door.

nicoles pics 109

Exercise: I’m very proud of my 32 minute 3 mile run/walk.

nicoles pics 110

I was so happy that I pushed myself and kept going plus encouraging words from Chris as we ran.  I hate his long legs and how is always ahead of me j/k.  I think 32 minutes is pretty good considering this ex-sprinter from high school is attempting to become a long distance girl. I had decided to not run the Turkey Trot later this month and run a different 5k in early December; after today I’m may do both races.  Am I crazy? I think so because that is two  5k’s in less than 2 weeks! Today’s run took me back to high school and early college days, when I loved to compete and run for fun….I miss those days.  I’m setting goals for myself and sticking with them, which I’m proud to say is going well.

Future Goals:

  1. 5k coming up shortly
  2. 10k by Summer 2010
  3. Half by Fall 2010

Wish me Luck!

I was extremely tired when I got back to the apartment! I started to make a Amazing Grass Smoothie and decided to drink it tomorrow morning instead.  I ran out of bananas and was too scared to try it without them, the smell turned me away :)

nicoles pics 113

I’ll try this Amazing Grass shake tomorrow morning after my workout.

Late Lunch: Chris and I ate at Mr. Chopsticks and I was starving, so I did not take any pics of my yummy Basilchicken w/ brown rice.

I always leave that restaurant with leftovers, portions are big but extra delicious.

nicoles pics 121

Pictures on the way home…

nicoles pics 119

I think a new GLEE comes on tonight plus Modern Family and Cougar Town ….Happy Girl over here!

How many of you are runners? What races and goals do you have set for yourself?

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