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Verizon Droid RAZR Cell Phone Review

Posted Mar 21 2012 10:22am

Good morning, friends!

It’s another warm one here. I still can’t believe it’s March when it feels like summer. No more hot breakfasts – back to cereal!


I’m really loving these massive bulk bags of cereal that my co-op grocery store sells. Nicer on my wallet AND the environment! They’re super crunchy, too, which I love. Have any of you guys tried these before?


I enjoyed breakfast on the porch – sadly the beautiful pink flowers have turned back into regular green trees. Still pretty, but not quite the same!


In other news, now that I’ve had a few weeks to test it out, I have my official review of the Verizon Droid RAZR phone for you all! When I posted a few weeks ago about becoming a Verizon Wireless Ambassador and receiving the Droid RAZR to test out, a bunch of you asked for a full review. Here it is!

Verizon Droid RAZR Cell Phone Review

I’m a big fan of this phone – I upgraded from a Verizon Palm Pre Plus, and man is this phone better.

Things I love:

  • Fast internet (and the gmail/ Twitter apps are way faster than my old phone, too)
  • Google Maps navigation (I’ll never be lost again!)
  • Hot spot/tethering capabilities (lasts for a long time and doesn’t drain the battery nearly as much as my old phone’s hot spot did. The internet is really fast on your computer when you use it, too). This is SO amazing for blogging on the go.
  • Super slim phone – it has a large screen, but it doesn’t seem big since it’s so thin and light. And I like the large screen – easier to do stuff!


  • Great apps. It’s so nice to finally be welcomed into the world of apps – my old phone had basically none. I’m loving Words with Friends, being able to take a picture of my checks and deposit them instantly with my bank, using Yelp ’s app, etc.


  • Customizable main screens – you can move around the icons and change the background, which makes me happy since I like things organized just how I like them.
  • Pretty intuitive set up, and I love the touch screen.
  • Good camera – not as good as a real camera, but good for a phone, plus there are a bunch of cool filters you can add to the photos (sepia, old school, colors, etc.) – and even more apps to add cool photo effects. Also, it’s super easy and fast to upload photos to Facebook or Twitter (on my old phone, I couldn’t upload to Fbook, and Twitter usually froze when I tried to upload photos) – very nice for blogging! This photo of me right after the Tobacco Road Half Marathon on Sunday was taken via my RAZR and tweeted out.


The camera also has the feature to “flip” the camera around and take a self-portrait without guessing where you are on the screen.


  • Easy to hear people talking during phone calls – great quality and it’s louder than my old phone, which is nice.
  • The ability to download documents from email or websites is REALLY useful (again, couldn’t do this on my old phone), especially for school-related stuff.
  • The screen is pretty :) Also, Matt installed a cool background theme for me that shows the weather wherever I am (so not by zip code, but by GPS – it will automatically update when you travel to a new location! I discovered this while in DC over break). AND – when it’s raining outside… my screen rains. For some reason this makes me super happy.


The only thing that has really taken some getting used to is the onscreen keyboard (my old phone had a pullout keyboard) – it takes me awhile to type and I make a lot of errors, but I know I just need to get used to it. I remember being really slow on my old phone at first, too.


I also don’t like that the phone comes preloaded with some random apps that I don’t want, but not a big deal and I think that’s pretty standard for phones.

Anyway – bottom line is that if you’re in the market for a new smart phone, I’d definitely recommend this phone. I’ve been really happy with it! Obviously this isn’t the most technical review because I’m not a super tech-savvy person, but for what it’s worth, I hope you found my thoughts helpful.

Also, did you know that Verizon actually offers free in-store or online workshops to help you learn all the cool features of your phone? I’m actually considering going to one since I feel like there’s so much stuff this phone can do that I don’t even know about (and I hate reading manuals). :)

Anyway – time to buckle down. I have a ton of school work to tackle today, plus a bunch of errands. Happy Wednesday!


Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors’ Program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. I have NOT been paid to say I like this phone – all opinions are mine.

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