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Vein problems effects and treatment!

Posted Mar 26 2013 7:16am
Varicose veins come to notice when they become swollen, twisted and get puffed up with abnormal infiltration of blood. This makes the condition of the veins pathetic causing them to become bloated with pain. On a normal account the blood is usually propelled forward towards the heart by the leaflet valves in the veins. It is only in case of varicose vein disease that these valves fail to function properly causing the back flow of the blood and causing them to accumulate in the veins as it is unable to carry it upwards defying the gravitational pull due its incompetency.
Phlebologists who provide treatment for varicose veins in Minneapolis attribute its causes to the following:
·        Genetically inherited defective valves.
·        Pregnancy
·        Thrombophlebitis

They main symptoms of varicose veins are:
·        Swelling, heaviness, aching and pain in the swollen region.
·        Vein appearance in the form of rope like structures which are convoluted and knotted.
·        Minor swelling in the ankles may also be reported in some cases.
·        Color alteration especially at the ankles, a brownish tinge might occur.
·        Formation of skin ulcers at ankles.
The treatment of varicose veins is available at large in Minnesota and Minneapolis. Before deciding upon the surgery one should make a careful choice where to undergo the procedure and by whom. This makes it essential to have a detailed search for the apt surgical center and your choice of vein care surgeon or phlebologist. Once you decide where to get your treatment done then it is vital that you arrange for a consultation with the surgeon in question after which you may be examined thoroughly and diagnosed for the occurrence of varicose veins while standing or sitting with legs in a dangling position. Sometimes even a duplex ultrasound diagnosis may be carried out to check the blood flow in the legs and prohibit the chances of any other anomaly.
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The laser treatment for varicose veinsin Minneapolis usually comprise of:
·        EVLT or EVLA also known as Endovenous Laser Treatment or Endovenous Laser Ablation which is a minimally invasive technique to remove varicose veins. In this procedure a laser fiber is introduced within the vein which creates thermal variation in the vein and causes it to shrink. The entire process takes very little time.
·        EVCA or Endovenous Chemical Ablation is yet another means by which the symptoms of varicose veins can be treated. It is done with the aid of ultrasound and the patient may be required to wear compression stockings in the recovery stage which may last for ten days after which you’ll feel glad about the ultimate riddance from those nasty veins!

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