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Veggies. With A Side of Veggies. And More Veggies.

Posted Apr 23 2010 4:13pm

I was also glad to read about everyone else’s opinions on Food, Inc. too.  Mandiee brought up a great point about local vs. organic. Which is more important to you? I think sometimes, organic is hyped up. Now, hear me out. I’m not saying that it’s a fraud, and everything said to be organic is actually not. I know there’s tons of guidelines to be met if you want to be certified organic (at least in Vermont) – in my opinion, some of them are even a little overboard when it comes to the length of time that needs to pass between having farmed a land with pesticides, stopping use of those pesticides and trying to go organic, and then actually becoming certified. Organic food often times still travels a long ways, and I think sometimes people will see the term “organic” and think “oh, well it’s got to be healthier.” Organic does not change a food’s nutritional value – it’s going to have the same calories and nutrients or lack thereof. That being said, buying local doesn’t necessarily mean buying organic. I’ve been eating organic produce and non for all of my life. Obviously, up until a couple years ago none of this was my concious decision, but I’m fairly certain everything was non-organic up until then. I am still fine with buying non-organic foods, but try to follow this list , too. I simply cannot afford to buy everything organic, especially with all the produce I buy to begin with. So, I think I would rather support local farmers, and buy local produce that may not be certified organic, than certified organic from…? who knows where. (Okay, so the sticker says where it’s from. I digress.) Of course, as I mentioned earlier – Vermont is not quite abundant in growing oranges, so I’ll still enjoy my Florida oranges and Georgia peaches ;)  This probably varies greatly depending on where you live, too – I’m guessing in Florida, it’s a lot easier to buy local without even putting effort into it, you know?  I just hate to see people buying organic things with the thought that organic means healthy. Sure, maybe the ingredients used in organic sweets are cleaner – but I just hate seeing people think that that organic label makes it okay to have way more of them. On another note, the ash and sulfur dioxide coming from the volcano in Iceland is all natural, but if you go anywhere near that you’ll die in a second.

Phew, anyways – now that I’ve got the rambling out of the way, check out brekkist!

I still weaseled fig in there, even if you can’t tell. I’m bad. Oh well.

Zee Base:

Zee Toppings:

  • flax-chia icing (why do I keep forgetting to put in the acai lkately?)
  • toasted almonds, toasted coconut
  • Naturally Nutty White Choco PB
  • and a lil compote of raspberries, 1/2 medjool, and fig preserves in a bit of almond milk and maple syrup

Enjoyed with a freshly-brewed cup of Rain Forest Nut from Green Mountain in a cute new mug from Bonnie ! Thank  you so much, Bonnie – how did you know I have an adoration of square mugs?! It is too cute. I won a giveaway over at Sweetlife , and Bonnie was far too generous – I can’t wait to put everything to use! I’ll show you guys the cute gadgets & goodies I got in a bit :)

Want to hear my n00bwhat were you thinking?” oatmeal story of the day? I was standing there, stirring my oats all content…starting to get completely frantic as to why they were still so gash darn watery. Did I add too much water? Milk? What’s going on?! And then I thought about how much oats I added. And it hit me. I left out a tablespoon of oats. One wouldn’t think a tablespoon would make such a huge difference, but believe you me it does. I quickly righted my wrong and it came together. (Yes – I used water instead of coffee this morning! I forgot what “normal” oats taste like and they always look so pretty, moreso than brown coffee oats. Lets see if I stay awake this morning!) Do you guys ever make silly mistakes doing something you could probably do in your sleep? I do stupid, spacey stuff all the time; including asking really stupid questions – but usually I catch those the second I say it out loud, heh.

After eating I got right to work on the powerpoint. As luck would have it (sarcasm) my partner couldn’t meet up today. So I just said I’d put everything together. I know it’s awful, but honestly – I’d rather just say “oh, well, I’ll do it.” than have to deal with nonsense. Especially when it;s someone who doesn’t really care whether it gets done, I mean.

I hoofed away at that for a good hour and a half and was at a great breaking point around 9:30 or so, with just a few more slides to do, so I decided to give myself a break and cook up a morning treat for the week. Enter: scones. I’ve been eyeballing Nicole’s for days now, and since the muffins are gone thought I’d try something new! Rather than waste time trying to find a recipe (not that I don’t enjoy it – but I could seriously waffle between twenty recipes before deciding on doing something completely different) I just went straight to a basic recipe from Clean Eating I had cut out and put in my binder. It was for Apple Drop Biscuits.

Want to hear “what were you thinking?!” moment number two? Right after I got into it (okay, I just had the spelt flour measured) I thought “oh, crap. I bet I need milk.” I finished the milk this morning. I was planning on running to the grocery store later. Nope, no milk needed. Instead, greek yogurt. I was out of that too. This is when I am grateful for the fact that even though I live in the middle of nowhere, the grocery store is five minutes away, so I just went then rather than put it off. I was so well behaved and proud of myself for only getting what I needed, too! heh. Baby steps, baby steps. I’m saving up for something fun that you may see soon, so that’s been motivational lately :)

Returning home with milk, yogurt, and a couple other listed items, I set to work and whipped up Maple Nectarine Scones. It worked lovely. I wanted peaches…but I just can’t get over their skin, so I kept with nectarines. I’m weird. Is there a food you like, but something about it just weirds you out?

I enjoyed a morning snack of caramel oikos and some ginger-agave cashews after getting back from shopping, and of course had to sample a baby scone fresh from the oven. Yum! It was nice and moist – but I think next time I will have to suck it up and buy a peach. I had a dodgy nectarine, and I think if it was either a good nectarine or peach they’d have gotten that extra flair, nah’mean?

Lately, though, I’ve been really enjoying making my own baked stuff for a morning snack along with some fruit or nuts. It’s a good feeling knowing you made it, and it’s good for you, too.

As luck would have it, the scones finished right about 11:00, and I figured why not start roasting some veggies for lunch? I threw in half a sweet potato for some low and slow potato rounds, and later threw in some eggplant, tomato slices, red pepper, and carrot fries. While they were roasting away, I finished my powerpoint (for the most part – just somenotecards left to do!) and deleted 8GBs worth of photos that have been sitting in my recycling bin. Holy cow.

So, after all that hard work – I rewarded myself. Here is where you guys say “That is vegetable gluttony if I’ve ever seen it.”

An open faced mediterranean veggie affair is what this is. On top of two (yes, two) slices of harvest multigrain is a smear of Cedar’s Garlic Lover’s Hummus, fresh basil, a fried egg white (gotta get some protein in there somewheres) , roasted eggplant brushed with balsamic vinegar, spinach, roasted tomato slices, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, and topped with some Atheno’s Garlic & Herb Feta Cheese.

Since I was lacking veggies with that meat-packed sandwich (heh) I opted for a side of low and slow roasted sweet potatoes and half a carrot’s worth of carrot fries. Jiggy called dibs on the other half. In case you’re wondering how I ate all that, I can’t answer you, but I can say that I loved every minute of it. I will say that the only reason I found two slices of bread necessary is because this is the super-tiny-mini loaf. One slice was about 2 inches long. Oh yeah, that and it was just baked this morning.

I messed around for a bit more – finished up one other assignment and cleared off some photos on my computer before taking a pony break. I grabbed a date ball and some Sahale Snacks cashews

and an apple to share with Jiggy – luckily, he’s not as picky about his apples as I am -

and just messed around in the yard with him – didn’t do too much. But it was fun, no less. Enjoyed a short walk with Kaia, as well. It ended up being rather chilly and windy today – but the sun is out and the sky is a beautiful blue, so it makes you forget about the cold, I think! Oh well. We’re supposed to be getting more rain so I need to soak up the sun while it’s here. I hate soaking up rain…

Afterwards, I began thinking about dinner once inside, and must have telepathically phones my mom, as she called and asked what was planned for dinner. I rambled off some leftovers she had in the fridge, and then rambled off some things I could make. Portobello burgers caught her attention right off, and that was that. I wanted to make sure she would enjoy it as much as last time – so made some more sundried tomato and pepita pesto to go along with it. I guess spread is a better term- I didn’t use much oil and instead mixed in some greek yogurt. And used pumpkin seeds straight from Texas, much thanks once again to Bonnie! Just another one of the many amazing things she sent me. She’s got me pegged, let me tell you!

Afterwards was time for another protein cake with the [almost last of my] protein powder and Crofter’s Europe spread, both from Kelli . I never thought I’d have so much fun with protein powder! See how great bloggie swaps are?! (p.s. those banana chips are long gone – too addictive!)

And, speaking of bloggie swaps, Mae , you seriously outdid yourself! I think you’re in danger now – because as soon as this amazing tropical granola and coconut-macadamia butter are gone, I’m sending you a mail order for more! I whipped off the top of the butter STAT, and licked clean the top. Of course I’m sanitary :)

It is HEAVEN. It’s a coconut and macadmia nut butter, and I’m not going to say everything she put in it because I think it could make her famous and I don’t want anyone ripping off her idea :P You’ll probably be able to buy it in stores soon, though.

The granola – as Mae phrased it – is similar to Udi’s. I’ve never had Udi’s – but I don’t think it’s got a chance against Mae’s!! Check out the hunks of crystallized ginger, slivers of almonds, dates, banana chips, and oh my gosh just plain amazingness. (AND, to boot, a coupon for free silk almondmilk. Has she got me pegged or what?!)

After calming down from all that excitement, I marinated some portobellos in balsamic, olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, and garlic while my mom and I fed the horses, and afterwards figured out how to man the grill. After being a little nervous I was going to light my face on fire, we were rip-roaring to go. Unfortunately, she just told me to “go ahead and put ‘em on when I was ready,” failing to mention that I should probably turn the flame down. Whoops. That being said, they grilled, uhh…rather fast. Luckily, they were gill-side down and very moist from the marinade, so they never actually charred. I also grilled some eggplant and roasted a red pepper.

I never mentioned that when my mom called, I was seriously considering waffles for dinner. I figured she wouldn’t be much interested in a waffle herself, but hey…that doesn’t mean I can’t waffleize my portobello. Yeah, went there. I love buckwheat waffles, and this recipe from Bob’s Red Mill is, hands-down, the best buckwheat waffle recipe ever. Okay, so it’s actually for pancakes. Whatever. I quartered it to make “one and a half” (re: two small waffles) and just left out the egg.

To put it all together: two down-home buckwheat waffles with pesto and feta, topped with a grilled portobello, grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, and the remaining balsamic marinade. I also heated up some Ragu to go over top :)

Ohh, waffles. I love you. And ohhh, man. I talked a lot today, didn’t I?

Also – it seems like a “yes!” on the photo post. Give me a little while, but I’ll definitely put something together :) I don’t know how helpful it will be, since I am shooting an SLR so I can”t guarantee a life-saving guide to digital photography, and it gets difficult to explain manual operation of a point and shoot camera since they tend to differ – but I can at least give pointers for composition, what helps to get the best results, and if anyone is looking into purchasing an SLR, maybe I can show you that you don’t need the biggest, most expensive camera out there. My little beaten-on D40 does a lovely job when paired with the right lens!

Tomorrow I have to be out of the house by 6:30 to supervise a test – you know what that means! A messed up breakfast. I am taking this as the perfect opportunity to try out overnight oats. Any first-timer tips?!

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