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Veggie Night Out!

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:03pm
Hello on this rainy, cold Thursday blah! It was a very hectic morning for me today! The company I work for has a huge sale every year to support breast cancer. I don't want to say exactly what company I work for on here but let's just say it is luxury hair and makeup sold at VERY low prices. It goes on for 2 days and is in another location about a half hour from here. Everyone else is allowed to leave work and go when they want but I have to be here at 9:00 on the dot and can't ever leave my desk. The sale started at 8:00 so I made sure I got there at 7:30 so I could run in, grab everything, and head back to work by 8:30.

I got there, stood in a hallway for a half hour, ran in, grabbed way too much stuff, and dashed back to work (10 minutes late). $120 later, I have lots of makeup and hair products that I don't need! A lot of it has me covered for holiday gifts at least! Even though I can't afford this, it is still very fun knowing everything is worth so much more $! You know how sales get you...


I had my typical bowl of oats with cinnamon and banana when I got to work. I just gave up on taking pictures of breakfast until I start changing things up again!

Lunch on the other hand was very photo worthy! I went to Hale and Hearty Soups -my newest lunch addiction. I got the soup and salad combo deal.

I got the White Tuscan Bean soupwith spinach to start. It is vegetarian, dairy-free, and low-fat. It was delicious! I want it again right now after staring at this picture!

My salad contained broccoli, avocado, cucumbers, carrots, and edamame with carrot-ginger dressing.

Nothing beats that lunch. Yum!

After work, I met my friend Jaclyn and we went to a lecture by Gena and Gil Jacobs. They discussed the importance of colonics and I learned some more information about raw diets and juicing. I plan to start juicing as soon as I find a spot in my kitchen for my juicer! My dad is probably building me a table this weekend!

Jaclyn and I had to leave the lecture early because she had plans to meet her friend for dinner. Of course I came along since they chose a place I've been dying to try... Angelica Kitchen!

We made a pit stop at Jaclyn's apartment to grab a bottle of wine since it is BYOB there! I finally got to meet her pug!! So cute!

We met her friend, got to Angelica Kitchen, and had to wait 20 or 30 minutes for a table. It was worth it though. We started off with some delicious Chardonnay.

We were starving so the 3 of us shared the hummus appetizer: Hummus served with baked zahtar pita wedges and crisp crudites.

The hummus was very good! There were random vegetables in there but we weren't sure what they were! I think the yellow things were pickled cabbage but we thought they were peppers at first. There were also these white things that I thought were cucumbers but they had a very bitter taste. Any ideas?

For my main course, I got the Warm Roasted Vegetable Salad:a seasonal selection of roasted vegetables tossed with arugula in a balsamic vinaigrette. garnished with garlic crostini spread with creamy hummus.

It was delicious! There were roasted yams, carrots, mushrooms...everything! MMM!

Jaclyn got the same thing!

We would definitely come back there. The atmosphere was very cute and the food was amazing!

We tried to go to Tasti D Lite after but it was gone! Instead we went to 16 Handles! So much for breaking the ice cream habit. I think it is just a necessary daily food in my life!

I got banana, cookies n' cream, and cake batter fro-yo with Oreos, cookie dough, and strawberries on top!

Heaven! Each flavor was really good!

Jaclyn's mix...lots of Reese's :)

I told Jaclyn I never had pumpkin beer before so she gave me a present to take with me!

Can't wait to try it tonight! The Phillies are playing so there will be plenty of drinking going on! Have a good one!

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