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Vegetarian Challenge 2010

Posted Jan 01 2010 7:36pm

WellI made it through the holidays – that was my first goal.  The hardest partto mewere the social events.  It wasn’t that I was particularly tempted by anythingbut I shied away from eating at most events because I was too stubborn to ask anyone what was in the dishes.  So I would often become so hungrythat after I came homeI would scarf down something totally inappropriatelike cheese nachos.  Consequentlymy first 2 months into the Vegetarian Challenge has not produced much of a weight loss – in factI think I may have even gained weight (too afraid to jump on the scale).  Today being New Year’sI guess I will follow the crowd and set my own resolutions for the continuation of my Vegetarian Challenge:

1.  I will prepare better for social events so that even if I do not wish to ask the host about the foodI will at least not become overly hungry and eat junk.

2.  I will cut back on the cheesewhich I’m using too much as a comfort food since I can’t have McDonalds Cheeseburgers.  I won’t go as far as to completely eliminate itbut I will definitely find ways to cut back.

3.  I will truly look to the vegetarian lifestyle for what it is supposed to be – a change for the health of my body.  This means more fruits and vegetablespeople!

4.  I am going to get back on track with exercisein coordination with my new outlook on my personal health.  My family history of heart disease and diabetes scares meand I just turned 42 this week.  So I need to take better care of myself.

5.  I am going to cook better meals for my family and myselfwhich means better planning and organization.  Here is what I made for my family for New Year’s:  Traditional Southern New Year’s Dinner – Vegetarian Style.  Of coursemy kids ate chicken nuggetsbut hey – one step at a timeright?

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