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Vegan Protein Powder Review

Posted Aug 02 2012 3:06pm

This morning I woke up very tired and tried to bow out of my bike ride with the excuse that I was too tired (I raced a 5K last night!), had a flat tire, and was running late.

My excuses did not work!  And off I went to ride up the coast with my fellow bike mates.

We rode up the coast, took a short rest and then biked back.

Always a good ride.  But I am tired now.  That makes sense though since I did a double workout day yesterday and rode this morning.

I plan on doing some computer work, relaxing, and going to the dentist today.

But before I go, I wanted to touch on protein powders.  I have spent a lot of money on protein powders thought out my years.  I have tried many.  As of late I have been focusing on plant-based sources and staying away from Whey and Casein because I have personally read some bad things about them.  Again, it is wrapped up in the whole animal products/factory farming deal and yes I know that there are supposedly humanly processed (?) whey supplements out there but I would like to stay away from them anyway.  Why bother if you have many plant-based options right?

I have tried Herbalife’s Allergen Free Vanilla.

This is not bad.  I like to add it to my overnight oats and I have made fruity type shakes with it.  Nothing too exciting about this stuff.

I have also tried this uber expensive plant based chocolate protein from Sun Warrior.

I have mostly used this in shakes.  It is fine but it does not lend itself to creaminess.  Not sure if I would buy it again because of how much it costs as well.

And then most recently I was sent this protein powder from GNC live well program .

At first I was not thinking I would be too thrilled with this.  I mean really, soy protein?  That is so old news right?  Well boy was I shocked!  This stuff is really creamy and makes a mean protein shake.

And a delicious smoothie in a bowl.

I find that I add less extras to my shakes because it provides a substantail base.  I have not tried it in my overnight oats yet but I have a feeling it would work just fine.  And one last thing, I will buy this because the price rocks!

Do you use protein powders to suplement your diet?  If so what kind?

Well I am off to get some cavities filled-joy.

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