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Vegan Mofo: Squash Tutorial

Posted Oct 07 2011 2:24pm
Hey sweetpeas,

I hope you’re all relieved that it’s Friday and it’s time for the weekend woohoo!! Unfortunately for me, it means nothing. I have so much work to do I’m stressing out…and I feel incredibly unmotivated to do it. I am lacking inspiration big style. All I want to do is have my own little bakery and bake muffins all day long if I’m honest haha! Ah well..

Despite the stresses of uni this week, I have had a good week food wise which always cheers me up! Why? Well…


I actually squealed when I saw this at the monthly Farmer’s market today. The vendor looked at me like I was a weirdo but was quite happy that I bought three off him! And they were only £5!! Bargain!! :) But man, do you know how heavy these were to carry home?! Only for kabocha people, seriously..

I also got my favorite fruit!!! I squealed again when I saw these…today was definitely a day of excitement hehe!! These are persimons. Yes, spelt with one m because they are in fact related to persimmons and sharon fruit. They are basically giant sharon fruit! So so good!

Earlier this week I also got this amazing squash box delivered! In it was a crown prince (this picture does not do justice to it’s is literally bigger than my head…so glad I didn’t carry this home!), green kabacha squash (it’s spelt kabacha so is it different to kabocha?! I will have to find out!), a harlequin, an onion squash and an acorn one. I am so excited to try the green kabacha and the harlequin as I haven’t tried these!

I also got an organic fruit bag delivered with the box which contained seasonal fruits – pears, apples, plums and these:

At first I thought they were limes. Then I saw that they were satsumas so I assumed that they were really unripe but then I read the label that came with them and discovered that these miyagawa satsumas are actually green in color when they are ripe! I had to try one straight away and they are yummy and sweet!

I also received one of my iHerb orders! I decided to try the only Puffins that I haven’t tried – the multigrain ones which actually turned out to be gluten free because they’re made with oats so for all you GF people, you can get Puffins YAY! These actually taste amazing!! Sorta like Cheerios but in a tastier Puffin form! Really addictive..but all Puffins are! I also got my fave cereal Kashi GoLean, and Snackimals with a new flavor – Snickerdoodle which are lovely and cinnamony! Both of these bags were engulfed with two days oops..

So as promised I will show you how I cook my squash because I get asked regularly. I really do it so simple and very quick which is great when I just want to eat it asap! The squash I’m showing took exactly only 14 minutes in the oven – no 30 minute roasting for me thanks! :)

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celcius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get your squash (I’m using my White Pony a.k.a. Sweet Meat), chopping board and a huge knife (I think mine is actually supposed to be for meat)

With your knife cut from the centre of the top downwards to the centre of the bottom.

And repeat so that you cut out a wedge.

I then cut the wedge into decent sized pieces.

I then chop out the middle bit with all the seeds in.

 I then stand up the pieces..

And chop the skin off each piece.

Repeat with more wedges of the squash until you are left with a nice pile ready to roast.

Then spray a baking tray with oil and place the pieces on.

I personally do not spray the actual pieces with oil of this particular squash because I prefer the texture that it goes without it and it tastes amazing just on it’s own with nothing on it! With butternut though I do spray it and I add seasonings like garlic or cinnamon depending on how I feel. I roasted this squash for exactly 14 minutes but you can tell when it’s done with it forms a nice crispy sort of ‘skin’ on top.

It’s perfectly done with the roasted ‘skin’ kind of puffs up and has a gap between it and the squash creamy texture in the middle.

So there you have it! That’s how I personally do my squash – really quick and simple and for me, just perfect! I know other people do their’s differently and a lot of people like the skin and although I have tried it once and did like it, I personally prefer this method!

Do you season your squash?

Have you had any exciting new foods this week?

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