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Various Causative Agents Of Sinus Infection

Posted Mar 25 2009 3:19pm 1 Comment

Sinusitis, or the condition of infected sinuses, causes tremendous pain and certainly also discomfort to the sufferer. sinus infections can have a consequence of many allergic reactions or other allergic manifestations. Sinusitis causes major distress and is at the base of a wide form of array of pathology.

Often it looks like those who suffer from sinus infections are dealing with a severe cold. There are several other symptoms too attached to the condition.

Sinusitis can be caused by many different things. One cause that is often forgotten is the over-consumption of commercial ice cream. Ice cream does not cause sinusitis because it is such an extremely cold substance. The real reason is the large amount of preservatives. Homemade ice cream without preservatives will not cause sinus infections.

Solvents, aionone, vanillin, amyl acetate, rose, amyl butyrate, run ether, amyl valerate, orris butter, anysil formate, neryl isobutyrate, butyric acid, mint essence oil, benzyl acetate, methyl salicilate, benzyl isobutyrate, heptine carbonate of lemon methyl, cinnamyl isobutyrate, isobutyl butyrate, cinnamyl valerate, isobutyl anthranilate, diacetyl, heliotropin, dipropil ketone and ethyl valerate, ethyl acetate and ethyl propionate, ketone of ethyl amyl, ethyl cinnamate, cognac essence oil, ethyl heptanoate and ethyl nitrate, and ethyl butyrate are just some of the ingredients of the commercial ice cream that could be harmful to you and cause allergies and sinusitis.

Those contents affecting looks and taste of commercial ice cream may cause the most harm to your system. These are the things that attract you to the ice cream and make the ice cream look very inviting. Somebody should question how safe and legal it is to use these ingredients that are obviously artificial.

It is important to your health that you do not eat the ice cream that contains these artificial things.

When you have symptoms of sinus infection than it is a wise idea to go talk to a doctor and follow his good advice. He will prescribe you also some pain killers that will be effective and help you sooth the pain considerably. Doing so you will bring a better comfort level back into your life.

Certain kind of oral drugs could be bad for you because they can affect your liver functions. When that happens your mucus will be even thicker and the sinusitis will become even worse. Some oral drugs that you take for all kind of conditions can do this and actually cause sinusitis.

It is important to check what color your mucus is and also what the consistency is. As a conclusion it is important to say that avoiding drugs that has the potential of being harmful and also ice cream is a good idea.

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You may or may not know, the fungal molds that can develop in the air and food are microscopic organisms that can be consumed or inhaled unknowingly. Fungi can be a very influential substance when it comes to causing sinusitis or a sinus infection. 

Please visit my website at for more great information on sinusitis and how to cure it.

Many thanks :)

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