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Vanilla Almond Cran Protein Bites

Posted Jun 12 2012 10:00am
Summer typically involves lots of travel, so portable, non-perishable, healthy snacks are a must.  Right?

Vanilla Almond Cran Protein Bites

What you will need:

20 whole dates 1 c. dried cranberries 1 c. almonds 2 Tbs. chia seeds 2 scoops of Total Lean 25 French Vanilla  (~1/3 c.) 1 Tbs. organic honey

In a food processor combine the dates, cranberries, & almonds.

Then, add the chia seeds and protein powder, and finally the honey.  

I tried to press the mixture into a sheet pan, but worked best was microwaving the mix on 50% for 45 seconds.

Then, shape the mix into bite size balls of goodness! 

Makes about 20 protein bites.  They are pretty sweet and very chewy.  No need to refrigerate, just store in an air-tight container.

Miscellaneous happenings:
I got my nails did...finally. It's a sea-foam color with a sprinkle of "fairy dust" on top. Very summery!

Cooper time.
1-4 clockwise

1. Cooper & his "Piggy" pillow pet. He was overly concerned when Piggy went into the washer and seem relieved once Piggy emerged from the dryer. Would you agree?

2. Cooper "hunting" for rabbits. He's happy to run off leash, but once I leash him back up-he's in slow-mo.

3. Cooper enjoying the last few bites of protein cake .

4. Cooper in the morning. This is what I wake up to when Coach is traveling. Seriously. Cooper misses his "dad' so he sleeps on his pillow.


It's Day 16 of the Run Streak and I have been keeping up (at least 1 mile per day till July 4th). How about you?!

I usually get my week-day runs in at lunch and can take my time on the weekends.

What do you pack for fuel when you take an extended road trip?

Would you go streaking at a sporting event if someone paid you?

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