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Valentine’s Date Night and a Diagnosis

Posted Feb 09 2013 9:14pm

Hey friends, how’s your weekend so far?

Mine started off with an early Valentine’s date night with the firefighter. Our night began with dinner at The White Chocolate Grill. I’d had a gift card burning a hole in my purse for a couple months and I thought it would make a lovely spot for our date night.

Dinner was delicious – I had the famous grilled chicken salad (sorry, no pic) – and for dessert, we split the white chocolate brownie.


After dinner, we headed out for the second half of our date. I had been wanting to do something fun and a little different so I purchased a couple tickets to a comedy club in Old Town Scottsdale. We ended up seeing three different acts, including the headliner Greg Hahn, who was pretty hilarious in a hyper, off-the-wall sort of way. :)

Walking back to the car we couldn’t resist stopping at the Gelato Spot for a little nightcap.

We split a cup of the almond snickers and salted caramel gelato. I hadn’t had gelato in forever and it was so good. Definitely worth a second dessert for the night. (Plus, it only counts as one dessert total since we split right? ;) )

Breakfast this morning was stack of chocolate chip protein pancakes for my love (he likes them! :) )

Mine was the same, only sans bacon.

Later on, we took Alan over to my old clinic. She had been looking a little thinner over the past week and, although she had been eating and drinking fairly normally, last night I knew she just wasn’t acting right. Well, we gave her the works – blood work, xrays, ultrasound (it pays to have your mom in the business) – and it turns out my little girl has diabetes. :(

(My poor little patient, all wrapped up and cozy post-ultrasound)

Last night when I was racking my brains thinking of every possible thing that could be wrong with her (having medical knowledge when your own pet is sick is both a blessing and a curse), I of course knew diabetes could be on the list. A diagnosis of diabetes is nothing to sneeze at but I have to say I’m relieved it wasn’t something worse. I don’t know how old Alan is for sure but she’s getting up there in her years so I had been preparing myself for kidney disease or cancer. At least diabetes is something we can manage.

There are, however, going to have to be a few lifestyle changes around here starting with twice daily insulin injections

(and, sadly for Alan, less treats).

I’m already used to a medication schedule with the dogs (Alan takes daily joint supplements and Eddy gets seizure meds morning and night) so adding Alan’s insulin into the routine really won’t change things up too much. I’m just happy that my baby girl will {hopefully} be feeling back to normal-ish soon.

Tonight, we’re off to my parents’ house for a low key movie night since it’s been a rather long day. I’m thinking I’m finally going to have that glass of wine tonight. ;)

Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend!


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