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Vacay and Beauty Must Have

Posted Jul 08 2013 9:38pm

This week I’m going on a cleanse. Ok, not a full-blown cleanse, but the kind of detoxing that involves no sugar or bread and mostly fruits and vegetables. We spent the last half of last week and into the weekend at the beach and I ate way too much fried food paired with zero working out. Well, let me take that back. I did run one day on vacay. It was less than a mile, but I’ll go ahead and take that.

I was so worried about getting sand in my camera that I didn’t get too many pics, but I did manage to get a cheesy pic of me and Travis’ toes in the sand.


The weather was rainy off and on the whole weekend so the sand wasn’t as soft and white as I would have liked, but we still had such a great time. We got to spend time with different friends throughout the weekend which is always nice but the relaxing was the best part. I love the feeling of not having a plan and just doing whatever whenever.

I could stay at the beach all Summer long and never get tired of it.


I’m ready to go back anytime…after I finish the mounds of laundry I have, then I’ll be ready!

me and T

And since we’re officially in Summer I wanted to share my favorite must haves for the season. Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control. I use this year round, but I go through two bottles in the hotter months easy.




I LOVE this product! I put my hair through hell with as much heat as I use. Between regular highlight appointments, blow drying, styling irons, and UV it takes a beating. Overall my hair is really healthy, but I think a lot of that has to do with this heat protectant. Before I blow dry my hair I use it and again after to keep the UV from damaging  my strands. I’m pretty sure my hair would break off in a revolt if I didn’t have this damage control.

It’s great for all lengths of hair too not just medium to long. Especially if you color your hair, this will keep it from fading in the Sun.

Now it’s time to prep my salads and smoothies for the week!

Do you have any Summer beauty must haves?

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