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Vacation On My Mind

Posted Jul 25 2011 10:07pm

So many times in our modern day world we can easily become distracted, feel overwhelmed, and sometimes find ourselves day dreaming about being on a beach somewhere with toes in the sand, a big straw hat, and a breathtaking sunrise.

My parents and two younger sisters actually just returned from a little vacation themselves this past week! They drove from Texas all the way to California and back. My parents always made summers exciting for us as we grew up. Our family always had some sort of trip planned. It was something that I would anticipate and think about all throughout the school year. Sometimes we flew somewhere and sometimes we drove. No matter where we went though there were always a few things that I knew were constants on any family vacation:

  • My younger sisters and I were the queens of setting up movie theatres in the back of my parents van. We had little blinds for the windows to dim the sun and our little dvd player. Everything was right in the world.
  • Stops for chocolate/coffee were necessary. My poor dad. How he managed traveling with 4 girls each time STILL amazes me! He has always been so wonderful though and knew that a simple stop at starbucks and barnes and noble would make for a wonderful car ride.
  • Family time is simply wonderful. I have more memories than I could ever describe from our summer vacations. They are priceless and cherished.
  • There is something very special about going to a new place and becoming emerged in the scenery, the shops, the small little restaurants, and experiencing something new for the first time.

Unfortunately, due to just starting a new job 3 months ago, I did not have enough vacation time built up to travel with my family this time. But that’s okay! I know there will be many more memories made on future trips and many laughs and adventures to come. I think what I realized most when my parents returned this time was very valuable though….As my parents and sister returned to work, camps, etc. I began to truly ponder what it is about vacations and traveling (besides time off work, laundry, cleaning and total avoidance of daily responsibilities) that make them so special. What was the real meaning of vacation?

A professor once told me that the best way to live your life is to live like a traveler. A traveler experiences things each day with eyes anew to their surroundings. A traveler wakes up each day with a fresh perspective without any routines or melancholy ways of living each day. I realize that although sometimes it is not possible to truly escape and go on vacation, there are things that we can do right from home to experience the vacation mindset and feel free, adventurous, and excited….even if there is a huge nice pile of laundry calling your name.

Ways to live like a traveler:

  • Explore your city and find a new road to your work/favorite grocery store/or anywhere else you like to go.
  • Go into a store or your job and make an effort to say hello to everyone you encounter.
  • Get up early/stay up late to watch the sun rise or set. Before adopting Mitsy, I never knew how beautiful the early morning sunrise in Northern Texas could be! It is breathtaking at times.
  • Listen to new music! I highly suggest Brendan James as of recently!
  • Talk to someone new in the grocery store line.
  • Write a poem.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Go wine tasting with great friends.
  • Take a new fitness class that you have never tried before.
  • Buy that piece of fruit or vegetable that you have been eyeing but secretly have no idea what it is!
  • Go on a walk and bring a camera! Taking pictures of nature can be quite breathtaking!
  • Light candles in your bathroom, turn on soothing music, and take a relaxing bubble bath (you deserve it!)
  • Put a little umbrella in your glass of ice tea just because!
  • Go to your town’s visitors center and see what is up and coming or new!
  • Take a dance class.
  • Read a book.

Do you have any ways to get into a vacation mindset from your own home?

I highly encourage you to each try one or all of the above!

How do YOU get into a vacation state of mind at home?

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