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vacation-ized in boca….

Posted Mar 17 2011 12:00am
Hello everybody! I got back this afternoon from my Boca vacation to visit my grandmother ( who I call “BUBBY”) and see my mom. We went to the pool, laughed, ate good food, spent quality time, and RELAXED. I worked out once in the past 5 days and . A vacation is a vacation from the daily routine. and this was just what I needed ;)  Here are some pictures of my week….ENJOY!!!

DAY 1: flew in…landed, hung out, tanned by the pool

DAY 2: pool, a walk/run, flowers, sunshine, AMAZING BREAKFAST COMBO:

plain greek yogurt, with strawberries, banana, and MELTED PB on Honey Bunches of oats…. a MUST TRY!


scallops with mushrooms and asparagus in a tomato bisque. I, OF COURSE, tasted my mom and bubby’s red snapper, crab cake, and spinach maria. Then we all split a chocolate bomb cake with chocolate ice cream. NO PHOTO because we dug RIGHT IN! …. and yes it was BOMB

The three ladies ….we decided on matching white pants and being cheesy :) can you tell who just got there? cough *no tan yet* cough

DAY 3: relaxation, and the BEACH

STARTED OFF WITH THE COMBO OF CHOICE *from above* with peaches

This morning I went to a “REIKI” meditation/healing class with my bubby……it was interesting to say the least. I’m glad I experienced it but, I’m more of a yoga girl myself .








three generations of feet.

MY NO SHAME BIKINI PICS: learning to love my body

” I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing?”


DAY 4: Tanning, shopping, and ummm relaxing ( changing things up here hehe) what was left of my personal yogurt tub :)  with 1/2 apple and 1/2 banana

Then after a little tanning ( I had gotten burnt at the beach…Pre-LOBSTER STATUS)….. we went shopping. We spent most of our time in Nordstrums. I got a cute coral cardigan for spring, and a blue flowey top. *pics in the future ;) *

Then we went out to this place called BACKSTREET GRILLE for dinner. IT WAS DELISH!

I ate about half of this salad, with a few of those flat breads (MY FAVORITE KIND)

tilapia, with dill sauce, and veggies, plus applesauce on the side AND we all shared some delicious sweet potato fries.

SUCH a good meal ;)

After this we all went out to some REAL ice cream I didn’t get my own but shared with my mom and grandmother. they got 1 scoop each of: moose-tracks,mint chocolate chip, mocha almond fudge, and butter pecan. NOTHING beats ice cream… you only need a little and it’s soooooo worth it.

WHAT A GREAT FEW DAYS! A lot of laughs and fun. I really appreciate being close with my family even though we live so far away :)

DAY 5: came home… this was bitter sweet because me and my mom rarely make it down to florida to see my bubby……. but I’m still on vacation :) and I got to come home..

…and sleep in my own bed, see my dog, and hang out with my friends.

I’m super  tired, but I really want to work out everyday for the rest of the week because I MISS IT :) .

I can’t say I was exactly a nutrition/health angel on this trip but I enjoyed everything I ate and everything did. I’m coming home with a clearer and calmer head….and THATS THE POINT of a vacation!



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