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Using Emotions to Return to Inner Wisdom

Posted Jun 14 2012 3:00am

ContractorYou’ve probably noticed I talk a lot about the role of emotions in any mind-body healing journey, whether that journey is about pain relief, weight loss, stress relief, or something else. Feeling emotions and decoding their messages is a major part of the mind-body-soul connection. In fact, I’d even say it’s practically THE most important part. Not totally sure how to do this? Hey, don’t worry. I’m writing a whole new ebook about it as we speak. In fact, the first draft is done! I’m into the editing phase.

However, in the meantime, here’s a peek into my daily life and how I’m using this concept for myself.

A year ago, I hired a contractor to do some renovations on my house. They weren’t huge changes like major additions, but there was a significant amount of work. Our house needed a laundry room, much updating, and lots of little fixes. We bought a fixer-upper before we knew we really hate fixing-up. So, I was delighted to have someone with expertise make our house a home.

I will admit, I was a newbie to the contractor experience. I did not realize that contractors live in a completely different time zone, independent of all officially recognized time zones. We’ll call it Contractor Time. Contractor Time is based on two-week cycles. This means that they tell you everything will be done in two weeks, every time you ask. They also disappear for two weeks at a time on a regular basis.

So here we are, a year later, and the project is not yet done. A few weeks ago, I found myself getting hysterical about this fact, and experiencing a great deal of anger and copious amounts of weeping. (I’m sure NONE of this is related to being pregnant.)

I really, really, really want this done before the baby arrives. I never in a million years thought we’d still be in construction mode at this point.

So, I sat down and connected with my emotions. I knew there had to be a message in there, and I was really hoping my soul wisdom would have something helpful to say. I had reached a limit. My life has been completely turned upside down between not knowing when the contractor will be in my house (every day it’s a gamble – in fact, my husband and I have started betting) and having constant disruption while trying to live here, run a business, and be pregnant.

I’ve kind of gotten used to the constant chaos. My life looks a little something like this: I’ve given the contractor instructions/input in between first-trimester vomiting events. I’ve dashed down the hall dressed only in a towel when he showed up unexpectedly. I’ve tripped over piles of equipment, moved in and out of rooms repeatedly, and coached from every corner of the house. Today, I ran into the bathroom to pee, forgot to shut the door, and realized he was right around the corner in the kitchen. To be honest, I didn’t even care. He’s like a permanent member of our household.

When I sat down to check in with my emotions and my soul wisdom, a message came through loud and clear. Here’s what my emotions and my soul said:

Sadness: It’s time to let go of your current way of working and living as you step into your new life as a mother. I’m here to help you let go.

Anger: I’m here to help you communicate clearly and stand up for what you believe in, which you’ll need to do as a mother. I give you strength.

Soul: This is all happening to give you practice ground for the new life you’ll be living as a mother. You’ll have constant interruptions. You’ll need to work and live differently. You’ll need to find ways to stay connected to yourself, to find peace, to make life the way you want it, with a lot of randomness and surprise curveballs. This is a great chance to practice so that you can move toward this new way of living.

Immediately, I felt my body relax. This all rang so true that I could see exactly why it all needed to happen this way. I’m not saying I became perfectly peaceful and haven’t had a moment of anger since. No, I’ve still had my freak-outs about this house project. However, I can return and return to this inner wisdom, reminding myself to use this chaos to practice what I know. And that is working.

Without my emotions and my soul wisdom, I would be in a constant state of stress and panic around this issue. I’m grateful to be able to let go of stress, let go of tension, and stay connected and healthy in the face of whatever is happening. That’s the power of the mind-body-soul connection, and the power of letting my emotions be a guide in my life rather than something I avoid or suppress.

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