April 17, 2013 · 9:58 am

I’m not usually one for product reviews, but when Urban Lace contacted me a few weeks ago, I was really taken by their concept and was excited to receive a gift in the mail a few days later!

Urban Lace | The Pursuit of HippienessUrban Lace | The Pursuit of Hippieness

Urban Lace is a jewelry company based in Portland, OR that uses recycled bicycle tubes to create really unique bracelets and necklaces. They totally have the the eco-fashion thing down, and I also love that the company donates a percentage of their online sales to charity.

Urban Lace | The Pursuit of Hippieness Urban Lace | The Pursuit of HippienessI chose the Refraction bracelet with a teal snap. I love it! I was really surprised at how soft and light it is- not how you would expect rubber to be at all. According to the company’s website, it’s all about the natural processing that they put into each recycled piece. I can see the care in my bracelet. It’s delicate, lovely, and so unique.

I’ll wrap this up with a quote from Urban Lace’s website: “We hope that our jewelry will make people see a new way of living, a world where everything isn’t disposable, but reusable.” Definitely check them out.


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