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Urban Golf: In full swing

Posted Mar 16 2009 3:13pm
Urban-Golf.jpg Jell-O shots on the fairway. Slamming beers on the green. Doing keg stands at the 18th.

Tiger Woods you’re not.

Which means you need to try something new. Check out Urban golf, it's just like its grass-cut cousin, but designed for fans of the gentlemen’s game with no need for snooty clubs, expensive gear, or talent (in fact the worse you are the better). Urban golfers just grab a thrift-store 5-iron, beer and some desolate cityscapes and presto—the entire city is your fairway.

There is one more thing ... you need bigger balls! Some golfers use a plastic almost golf ball that travels about a third the distance of a regular ball and won’t break windows. Others prefer a leather orb filled with goose feathers, which won’t roll into street gutters and just sits up to be hit and others use a tennis ball.

No fees, no dress codes, no bans on race, religion, or sex, no dressing like a total ass, just clean dirty urban fun. Anything can serve as a hole: trash cans, lamp posts, even storm drains. Just make sure to follow the golden rules.

Now go get ’em, Tiger.
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