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Upstaging Olive Garden

Posted Sep 07 2010 6:09am
In case you didn't already know, I am a HUGE fan of all things pumpkin. In the spirit of fall, the fuzz and I hit up Olive Garden Sunday night since I had heard their delicious pumpkin cheesecake had made it's way back on to the menu. Indeed it was and of course I ordered it. Typically, the presentation is a little better than this...

There was a TON of whipped cream. All but two bites got eaten between the two of us and I have to say it was everything I remembered.

A few years ago, Real Simple published a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake that I have tweaked over the last few years, and if I have to say, my pumpkin cheesecake is just a tiny bit better than Olive Garden's. I will be posting the recipe and photos later tonight or tomorrow morning as my work is hosting a "bake-off" and I'm making the pumpkin cheesecake as my entry :) I hope I win :)

Breakfast this morning was Kashi cereal again (I cannot get enough of it these days) and am having leftover Olive Garden for lunch. I ordered the chicken parm with raviolis instead of spaghetti (I've always kind of hated spaghetti...or like the little girl in the commercial for Tyson chicken nuggets says, I hates pasketti because it looks like worms). I also brought along a banana for a mid-morning snack.

On a happy note, I am all moved in and settled into the apartment finally! Filled up the refrigerator yesterday, took the garbage out, and hung up all my pictures so now it's a home :) I will be walking around taking some photos tonight to show you guys the finished product. I know I  haven't talked about it much on the blog but my last living situation was a BAD decision and probably my biggest regret from the last few years. I only lived there for 2 months but it was some of the longest and most uncomfortable moments of my life. It even trumps in college when we were all labeling our toilet paper. I actually got a call from my roommate last night after I moved out accusing me of stealing a bookcase. Really? This experience definitely reminded me why I've chosen to live alone since moving out of my Southie apartment. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Have you had any bad roommate situations?
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