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Upset stomach, eye twitch. . . what's up with stress?

Posted May 30 2013 9:59pm
Picture I thought I was alone in the realm of folks with an eye twitch.  That was until I read Charlotte Anderson's post today on her blog "The Great Fitness Experiment".  I hate it for her, but was happy to know that I am not alone.  My eye twitch first came on during negotiations for buying a new house.  Now it rears its ugly head now and then when things get a little hectic, stressful and crazy.  It's even become somewhat of a family joke, "Watch out, you'll make her eye twitch!".  My brother got lots of amusement out of that one as he basically laughed in the face of stress.  The eye twitch really comes on during the whole buying and selling of houses, and we've bought and sold a fair amount of homes, some not even our own!  Therefore, there are lots of opportunities for the eye to get going.  
We have been going through some of the house stuff recently and the eye twitch has been pretty prevalent.  I know it's there,  and other than getting rid of the stressful situation,  I don't really know another cure for it. 
Well, the past couple of days I've had a terrible stomach bug.  Upset stomach, aches, chills, fever, you get the picture.  I just knew I had some awful bug and just didn't want the family to get it.  It was so bad, that even though we were in the depths of house negotiations and down to the wire on decision making, I didn't even want to help in the process.  However, this morning as the deadline approached, we made a decision.  Miraculously, in a couple of hours I began to feel so much better.  So, was it all related?  Did I bring that darn stomach trouble on myself with worrying, and letting stress take over my body?  I never thought I was that "weak" but maybe it was just a physical manifestation of the stress of making a decision.  Hmmmm. . . . that would  mean The Husband was right. 
I looked up some attributes of stress and found this on WebMD.

Physical symptoms of stress include:
Low energy
Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea
Aches, pains, and tense muscles
Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
Frequent colds and infections
Loss of sexual desire and/or ability
Nervousness and shaking, ringing in the ear, cold or sweaty hands and feet
Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing
Clenched jaw and grinding teeth

So, there in line three is my stomach trouble.  I am thinking it could have been the stress all along and not a virus.  I'm also thinking that the eye twitch will soon fade. 

I've been through some pretty stressful times and events in my life.  Life in itself is stressful and oftentimes not pretty.  We have all been there and will be there again.  I think it's really not so important the amount of stress we experience, but how we handle it.  We need to do whatever works for each of us to stay in the game, stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.  We need to breathe, take a walk, talk to a friend, find a quiet place, pray, read, exercise, pet a dog, whatever slows the racing heart, makes you feel at peace, and keeps you healthy.  I find I need to do a little bit of all of these things! 

Now I'm off to lie on the couch in some quiet with my dogs . . .

How do you handle stress?  Does it get to you physically?  Anyone out there with an eye twitch?
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