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Upgrade Your Life: Create Your Perfect Day

Posted Apr 03 2013 9:11am

Hiya guys & happy Monday!

Me on day 14 of my juice cleanse. Apple-spinach juice, yum!

Starting today I will start to share some of my most effective exercises that I use in my coaching practice in this new blog series Upgrade Your Life – Life Hacks From a Health Coach. Over time coaching my clients to optimal health and inspire them to creating a fulfilling life I have developed some exercises that really do the trick in awakening people to their highest potential and actually going out and doing it. I’d love to share these exercises with you so YOU can start to unlock your highest potential as well. Let’s kick off the series with my very favorite exercise!

Upgrade Your Life Exercise #1: Create Your Perfect Day

I love this exercise and I keep coming back to it again and again myself (yes I too need coaching from time to time ;) ). In this exercise you will sit down and write down in detail what your perfect day would look like. What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? Who brightens your spirit? What nourishment makes you feel healthy and energized? In other words; what do you need on a day to day basis to feel your absolute best? Writing this down makes it easier for you to prioritize and to not skip and skimp. It helps you to structure your day in such a way that making green juice doesn’t sway for hitting the snooze button for the umpteenth time. It helps you to see more clearly that you do have time to read that novel or bake those vegan cookies if you simply wasted less time watching Kardashian reruns (or whatever it is you kids are watching these days). It’s a time-optimization and  life-streaming tool all rolled into one. Here’s an example of what a perfect day could look like for me;


* First thing; drink Holistic Skin Tonic & make green juice (Best start of the day. If I do it first thing in the morning I won’t skip doing it later. Drinking green juice gives me tons of energy and a great chunk of all the nutrients I need in a day)
* Yoga
* Write in journal
* Choose affirmations for the day & write down
* Create to-do list/planning for the day
* Move body; go for a run, do a workout, or hoop


* Work from 12-5
* Take a 10 minute stretch break every 50 minutes (If I don’t implement breaks I tend to waste more time on facebook/the Internet and my efficiency goes down. It’s also way better for my body to get up and stretch/move regularly)


* Write in journal
* Either read/study, visit friends, or go out to dance (the underlying message here is; don’t shrivel your brain watching TV).
* Meditate for 30 minutes before bed time
* In bed; go over my gratitudes for the day (This makes me fall asleep all warm and cozy)



* Be realistic. This exercise works with the here and now. If you currently have a 9-5 job you can write ‘sit in the sun slumming back Mojito’s’ all you want, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Getting up an hour early every day for some exercise and a healthy breakfast however is very doable (yes, really!)
* Be specific. ‘Eat a healthy dinner’ or ‘do something fun’  aren’t….
* For every detail of your perfect day, write down the why. Why is drinking green juice so important to have the best day ever? Why are those 10 minutes of stretching before bed important to you?
* Write your day on paper or print it and hang it somewhere that’s in.your.face.
* Review and rewrite your perfect day from time to time! Maybe you’ve picked up some new tools and/or are done with doing a certain something day in day out.

Let me know how this exercise is working out for you and if you have any cool life changing tools to share!

& if you are interested in more in-depth coaching with me, check out my coaching pages .

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