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Updates And More Kettlebell

Posted Jan 21 2011 1:46pm

I got my iron levels rechecked this week and I am now at a 35. I started off at an 8 and then it jumped to a 20 and now 3 months after that it is 35. It's good that it's going up, but still not in the normal range yet. I have to say though that I feel like 100 times better! I imagine in 6 months when I reach normal ranges I will be able to fly. One thing about this is that it is NOT a fast process. Your body can only absorb so much iron so it takes patience. What's interesting is the first 3 months I used just the Floridax twice a day(LOVE THAT STUFF) and it went up 12 points to a 20. The next 3 months I used Floridax twice a day AND my cast iron skillet(everyday) and blackstrap molasses(1tablespoon per day) it went up 15 points. So every little thing helps. The Dr. told me to keep on keepin on, so I am. No recheck for 6 more months where he truely thinks I will be back up in the normal range...just in time for summer, perfect.

More personal things in my life are now starting to look up as well. If you all read my facebook status's you'll know earlier this week I posted I would hear something Friday that would make my whole year and I did and it did...well, it's going to. It's just one more thing that needed to be done to close this chapter in my life. After this is finalized I will be starting night classes for Judicial Reporting...I friggin can't wait! Yes it will take me a few years, but it's just the fact that I have a plan and a goal of making more money and having my own insurance(which I am now losing for a few years) and just being able to take care of myself and my kids more better. Plans, goals, these are great things. Another great thing is being organized. I am more organized with all my stuff more then I ever have been and it's just so comforting. I'm feeling very empowered lately. PINK SQUIRREL!

I cannot say this enough, I LOVE MY KETTLEBELL. It's the best fitness purchase I have made in a long time...well that and my Gymboss timer, love that too! After using my 35lber, my 10lb feels like a freakin feather when I pick it up.


There she is, in desperate need of a makeover.


I did NOT like that blue coating on her, but it was the only option I had. Then I realized it was totally removable.





And then I painted it, but kept the handle black.


Another view...


Ok, now honestly, I am no where near satisfied with it. The color on the lid of the paint was way brighter then it turned out, more of a metallic pink so this dark purple crap has got to go. I will be doing a re-do...kettlebell saga to continue. Yes, my dog is indeed licking it. No, I don't know why.

Switching gears again, let's talk about nutrition. I read the 4 Hour Body and liked it, a lot. But honestly, aside from his crazy experiments he done on himself it's really nothing new at least the stuff I read. The book is not meant to be read from cover to cover so I concentrated on what I was interested in the most. His diet is uber stict, but allows you a cheat day. That's nothing new, hello Body For Life. Only his foods during the week are even more strict with an emphasis on legumes. Yeah, I'm not a big bean person, but even so, I am just to the point now where I am OVER strict ass dieting. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME and if you read his facebook and website it's not working for a lot of women. And I'll tell you why, women do not have a man's metabolism. When we have a serious cheat day, it totally cancel's out all the hard work we done all week long. Not only that, but more often then not that one cheat day turns into a damn cheat weekend.   Now I guess I shouldn't say it doesn't work totally, cheat meals rock, but from what I've been learning is, it just takes awhile to turn your body into the fat burning machine it needs to be to be able to handle them and you don't need to be so dang strict with your normal diet through the week. The whole, low carb, low cal thing worked during my first figure show and that was it. The next two shows were a bitch to diet for and included a RIDICULOUS amount of cardio which I wish I would have realized was just insane and totally trashing my body. Live and learn.  What I love now is reading all this great info in these various books and picking and choosing the things I like and finding what works for me. I loved that 4HB has you eating something within 30 minutes of waking. So I am using that and that's about it.  I love where I am at with food right now. It's been slow, but I've dropped 10lbs since letting the crazy shit go. No more crazy ass diet shit. I just want to be lean and mean all the time, period. Now, with that being said I am totally in love with Scott Abel. The man is a genius and I wish I would have found him before I attempted my figure shows. Reading his stuff and in paticular his "Science Behind The Cycle Diet"(worth every stinkin penny) has helped so much in getting my metabolism fixed from the crap that almost destroyed it.

Check her out and listen to what she says and then watch in awe, GREAT STUFF...


This is going to be such a great year, I can just feel it...even if I do have two teenagers bound and determined to send me to a mental institution with their crazy hormone swings.

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