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Up and at ‘em: My morning routine

Posted Oct 15 2010 6:05am

Happy Friday! :)

Today I’m giving mayyjahh thanks for the shorter work week. Even though Monday was a holiday, this week has been crazy busy and I plan to do nothing but relax this evening!

Some reader Q&A

(If you missed my first Q&A, this post will bring you up to speed.)

Last week I mentioned I’d be doing a few posts based on the questions I’ve been getting in blog comments and via email. One of the most common was regarding my morning routine, what time I wake up, and how I manage to haul myself to the gym every weekday without giving in to the sweet temptation of staying in my bed. If you asked, here’s my answer:

The time that my alarm goes off depends on the day and whether or not I’m teaching spin or working out with Mr. Trainer. For now, let’s just use Fridays as an example:

4:50am: Alarm goes off and I spring out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning (well maybe not with quite so much enthusiasm, but generally it’s not difficult for me to get up. I attribute it to years of practice!)

Each night, I lay out all of my gym clothes on a pile on my bedroom floor so that I can get dressed and ready to go as fast as possible. I also do the same with my work clothes, but occasionally make changes depending on the weather (and  whether or not I end up spilling green monster or other breakfast items on my outfit, which happens more often than I’d like to admit.)

5:15am: Gym time! Typically Friday mornings are run days, but depending on how I’m feeling, I might throw in the odd elliptical workout, followed by a stretch or some foam rolling.

6:30am: Session with Mr Trainer. Mr T is a very kind and polite soul, and trains me even when I’m sweaty and gross after a good hard run on the treadmill. I suppose that’s why I pay him the big bucks! :D

7:30am: Home to shower and make myself look gawwgeous

8:00am: Make brekkie and eat….

…often as I publish my daily blog post (like I am doing at this very moment) and squeeze in as many blog comments as possible before I….

8:40: … pack up my bag, hop in the car and drive to work.

And sometimes, just sometimes, driving to work involves a mandatory stop for this:

‘Tis important to be alert on the job, after all.

Now, for the second part of the question, which was how do I motivate myself to get up so early. Like I said, it’s something I’ve been doing for years now. When I lived in residence at university, the best time to go to the campus gym was always at 6am because the vast majority of the student population didn’t wake up until about 10 minutes before their first class. Aside from sleeping habits, some of the things that motivate me to get up are…

  • Knowing I’ll feel great after I’ve worked out – This may sound strange, but on days that I skip a workout because I think I’m too tired, I actually end up feeling more tired later in the day. (Having said that, I always take a rest day each week. It’s vital!!)
  • Knowing that I’m doing something good for my long-term health
  • Knowing I either have an amazing group of ladies waiting for me to come and teach a spin class, or in the case of Mondays and Fridays, knowing that I’ve paid for personal training sessions that are far too expensive to miss!
  • Knowing that I’m not very good at exercising after work, so if I’m going to make it happen, it should happen as early as possible.
  • Knowing that if I can just get out of bed, and get dressed, that’s the biggest part of the battle won.
  • Knowing that delicious food will be made and enjoyed for breakfast when I get home, like….

To be honest, there aren’t many weekday mornings that involve waffles . However, I look forward to green monsters just as much – particularly pumpkin spiced ones .

Alright, that’s enough about my mornings. I want to hear about yours! My questions for today…

  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • Are you a morning person? What are some of the things that make it easier for you to get out of bed?
  • On a completely unrelated note, are you planning to cook up anything tasty this weekend? I am, and I’ll have some recipes for you next week!

Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll see ya back here on Monday morning! :)

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